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Primary view of Major Tipping Points in Earth’s Climate System and Consequences for the Insurance Sector Summary
World Wild Fund
October 2010
Primary view of Proposed Early Actions to Mitigate Climate Change in California
Climate Action Team
April 2007
Primary view of OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development: Emissions Trading: Concerted Action on Tradeable Emissions Permits Country Forum
Gupta, Shreekant
March 2003
Primary view of Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Governor’s Advisory Group On Global Warming
December 2004
Primary view of Climate Change Transition Team Report
The Governor’s Commission on Climate Change
September 2008
Primary view of Third Biennial Report of the Climate Neutral Working Group
Climate Neutral Working Group
July 2009
Primary view of The Global Drylands Initiative: Land Tenure Reform and The Drylands
United Nations Development Programme
April 2003
Primary view of Fast Facts: UNDP and Climate Change
United Nations Environment Programme
January 2008
Primary view of Farming’s Climate-Smart Future: Placing Agriculture at The Heart of Climate - Change Policy
Pye-Smith, Charlie
Primary view of Administrative Order No. 238
Palin, Sarah
December 2010
Primary view of New England's Global Warming Solutions: A Study for World Wild life Fund
Bernow, Stephen; Dougherty, William; Page, Tom; Dunbar, Jana & Goldberg, Marshall
August 2000
Primary view of 1999 - 2000 Legislature: 1999 Senate Bill 287
Senators Burke; Senators Cowles; Senators Clausing; Senators Rosenzweig; Senators Darling & Senators Roessler
November 1999
Primary view of American Leadership for the Global Climate Crisis
January 2009
Primary view of A Copenhagen Climate Treat Version 1.0 : Legal text A proposal for an amended Kyoto Protocol and a new Copenhagen Protocol
NGO community
January 2009
Primary view of United Nations Development Programme & Climate Change Adaptation - A Quarterly Update of Activities
United Nations Development Programme
April 2010
Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: Cambodia
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006
Primary view of Guidance on the Cleanup, Temporary or Intermediate Storage, and Transport of Mercury Waste from Healthcare Facilities
United Nations Development Programme
June 2010
Primary view of Colorado Climate Action Plan: A Strategy To Address Global Warming
Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.
November 2007
Primary view of Species Fact Sheet: Illegal and Unsustainable Wildlife Trade
Primary view of Adaptation that Accelerates Development
United Nations Development Programme
December 2009
Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: Belize
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006
Primary view of Power Switch: Impacts of Climate Policy on the Global Power Sector
WWF Climate Change Programme
November 2003
Primary view of Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs in Warm Climates
Landner, Lars & Wahlgren, Ulf
Primary view of Research Needs Work Group: Recommendations on Research Needs Necessary to Implement and Alaska Climate Change Strategy
Research Needs Work Group
June 2009