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Primary view of Final Vermont Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reference Case Projections, 1990-2030
Center for Climate Strategies
October 2007
Primary view of Immediate Action Workgroup: Recommendations to the Governor's Subcabinet on Climate Change
Opheen, Patricia
March 2009
Primary view of Senate, No. 2351
State of New Jersey
February 2003
Primary view of 1999 - 2000 Legislature: 1999 Senate Bill 287
Senators Burke; Senators Cowles; Senators Clausing; Senators Rosenzweig; Senators Darling & Senators Roessler
November 1999
Primary view of Governor Palin signs Administrative Order creating the Climate Change Sub-Cabinet
Sarah Palin
July 2008
Primary view of 2010 Forest Carbon Workgroup: Final Report
Partridge, Craig; Boese, Jerry & Bernath, Stephen
January 2011
Primary view of Go Green Ontario’s Action Plan On Climate Change
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
August 2007
Primary view of Quebec and Climate Change: A Chllenge for the Future
Government of Quebec
January 2008
Primary view of Substitute Bill No. 595
House of Representatives
February 2004
Primary view of Environmental Quality; Greenhouse Gas Emissions
House of Representatives
Primary view of Assembly Bill No. 32 CHAPTER 488
Secretary of State
September 2006
Primary view of California Legislature, 2001-2002 Session, Senate Bill No. 527
California. Legislature. Senate.
September 2001
Primary view of AB 32 Fact Sheet - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
California Air Resources Board
October 2006
Primary view of A Bill : House Bill 2460
Governor Mike Beebe
March 2007
Primary view of Public Law of Maine: First Regular Session of the 121st
State of Maine
September 2003
Primary view of Air Contaminant Emission Inventory Reporting Requirements
Department of Natural Resources
December 2005
Primary view of Montana Climate Change Action Plan: Final Report of the Governor’s Climate Change Advisory Committee
Montana.Governor's Climate Change Advisory Committee
November 2007
Primary view of Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change, Report to Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
Utah. Governor's Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change
October 2007
Primary view of Beyond Kyoto, Manitoba's Green Future : Next Steps, 2008 Action on Climate Change
Manitoba Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines. Climate and Green Initatives Branch
August 2008
Primary view of California Assembly Bill No. 1493
Governor Gray Davis & Governor Gray Davis
July 2002
Primary view of Florida’s Energy and Climate Change Action Plan: 2007
Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change
November 2007
Primary view of Green and Growing: Building A Green And Prosperous Future For Manitoba Families
Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines
December 2005
Primary view of S.F. No. 145, 2nd Engrossment 85th Legislative Session (20072008)
State of Minnesota
May 2007
Primary view of Senate Bill No. 1771
Secretary of State
September 2000