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Primary view of Services and Supply Chains - The Role of the Domestic Private Sector in Water Service Delivery in Tanzania.
Bayliss, Kate & Tukai, Rehema
October 2011
Primary view of A Comprehensive Mobility Policy 15 Years of Transport Planning in Ferrara
Ing. Alberto Croce
August 2010
Primary view of Municipal Waste Management Report: Status-quo and Issues in Southeast and East Asian Countries
Mr. Borongan, Guilberto & Mr. Okumura, Shigefumi
Primary view of Reclaiming the Land Sustaining Livelihoods
United Nations Development Programme
November 2004
Primary view of Potential Health Effects of Climatic Change: Report of a WHO Task Group
World Health Organization
Primary view of Extreme Weather: Does Nature Keep Up? Observed Responses of Species And Ecosystems to Changes in Climate and Extreme Weather Events: Many More Reasons for Concern
Leemans, Rik & Vliet, Arnold van
August 2010
Primary view of Projections of Global Emissions of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases in 2050
Gschrey, Barbara; Schwarz, Winfried & Öko-Recherche
November 2009
Primary view of Governor Palin signs Administrative Order creating the Climate Change Sub-Cabinet
Sarah Palin
July 2008
Primary view of U.S. Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan
The U.S. Climate Change Technology Program
September 2006
Primary view of EPA's Denial of the Petitions to Reconsider the Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act
United States. Environmental Protection Agency
August 2010
Primary view of Climate Change: Science Compendium 2009
McMullen, Catherine P. & Jabbour, Jason
May 2010
Primary view of Breaking Records in 2007 – Climate Change
WWF Climate Change Programme
Primary view of Regional Forum on Environment and Health Meeting Report
United Nations Environment Programme
March 2009
Primary view of Michigan's Global Warming Solutions
Tellus Institute Resource and Environmental Strategies
April 2000
Primary view of OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development: Emissions Trading: Concerted Action on Tradeable Emissions Permits Country Forum
Ogushi, Takuya & Kure, Seiki
March 2003
Primary view of 2010 Forest Carbon Workgroup: Final Report
Partridge, Craig; Boese, Jerry & Bernath, Stephen
January 2011
Primary view of Go Green Ontario’s Action Plan On Climate Change
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
August 2007
Primary view of Second Biennial Report of the Climate Neutral Working Group
Climate Neutral Working Group
April 2007
Primary view of Habitats at Risk: Global Warming and Species Loss in Globally Significant Terrestrial Ecosystems
Malcolm, Jay R.; Liu, Canran; Miller, Laurie B.; Allutt, Tom & Hansen, Lara
February 2002
Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: St Lucia
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006
Primary view of Engrossed Substitute House Bill  6001
Thomas Hoemann, S
April 2007
Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: Zambia
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006
Primary view of Carbon/Efficiency Labelling & Bio-Blending for Optimising Benefits of Biodiesel & Additive Use
Janssen, Rainer & Rutz, Dominik
September 2008
Primary view of Who Needs what to Implement the Kyoto Protocol?: An Assessment of Capacity Building Needs in 33 Developing Countries
UNITAR with the Consortium for North-South Dialogue on Climate Change
October 2001