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Primary view of Green Economy In Action: Articles and Excerpts that Illustrate Green Economy and Sustainable Development Efforts
United Nations Development Programme
August 2012
Primary view of Blending Climate Finance Through National Climate Funds: A Guidebook for the Design and Establishment of National Funds to Achieve Climate Change Priorities
United Nations Development Programme
October 2012
Primary view of Green Carbon, Black Trade: Illegal Logging, Tax Fraud and Laundering in the World's Tropical Forests
Nellemann, C.
September 2012
Primary view of Financial Sustainability Scorecard for National Systems of Protected Areas
Bovarnick, Andrew
January 2010
Primary view of EPA's Denial of the Petitions to Reconsider the Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act
United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
August 2010
Primary view of Leveraging the Landscape
Peters-Stanley, Molly; Hamilton, Katherine & Yin, Daphne
November 2012
Primary view of Sustainable Development Report 2009
Bayer AG
May 2010
Primary view of Climate in Asia and the Pacific: A Synthesis of APN Activities
Manton, Michael J; Heath, Lance; Salinger, James & Stevenson, Linda Anne
Primary view of Fighting Corruption in the Water Sector - Methods, Tools and Good Practices
Vos, Jeroen
October 2011
Primary view of Cycling in Sweden
unknown creator
February 2010
Primary view of Green Economy in a Blue World
United Nations Environment Programme
January 2012
Primary view of Korea's Green Growth Strategy Mitigating Climate Change and Developing New Growth Engines
Jones, Randall S. & Yoo, Byungseo
July 2010
Primary view of Providing for Backyard Wildlife: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Feeders, Houses and Plants
Brown, Walter
May 2010
Primary view of Energy for a Sustainable Future
UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change (AGECC)
April 2010
Primary view of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Washington State Government
Adelsman, Hedia & Ekrem, Joanna
December 2010
Primary view of Executive Order 2010-06 : Governor's Policy on Climate Change
Brewer, Janice K.
October 2010
Primary view of 2010 Forest Carbon Workgroup: Final Report
Partridge, Craig; Boese, Jerry & Bernath, Stephen
January 2011
Primary view of Understanding the Policy Contexts for Mainstreaming Climate Change in Bhutan and Nepal: A Synthesis
Davis, Marion & Li, Lailai
Primary view of Getting Back in the Game: U.S. Job Growth Potential from Expanding Clean Technology Markets in Developing Countries
World Wildlife Fund
May 2010
Primary view of Namibia: Strengthening the Protected Area Network
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
March 2010
Primary view of Biodiversity Delivering Results
Global Environment Facility
March 2010
Primary view of Blue Carbon - First Level Exploration of Blue Carbon in the Arabian Peninsula
Lutz, S.J.
Primary view of International Waters – Delivering Results
Donker, Stephen Maxwell; Vousden, David; Willemse, Nico E.; Spadone, Aurelie; Jiang, Yihang; Wagey, Tonny et al.
January 2012
Primary view of Bird Species and Climate Change: The Global Status Report: A synthesis of current scientific understanding of anthropogenic climate change impacts on global bird species now, and projected future effects
Janice Wormworth BSc MA & Dr Karl Mallon BSc PhD
October 2010