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Primary view of Blending Climate Finance Through National Climate Funds: A Guidebook for the Design and Establishment of National Funds to Achieve Climate Change Priorities
United Nations Development Programme
October 2012
Primary view of .China’s Climate-Change Policy 1988-2011: From Zero to Hero?
Iselin Stensdal
July 1, 2012
Primary view of China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change (2012)
National Development and Reform Commission
Primary view of Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth in Developing Asia
Stephen Howes & Paul Wyrwoll
July 1, 2012
Primary view of Climate Change Plans and Infrastructure in Asian Cities: a Survey of Plans and Priorities
Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center (CAI-Asia)
June 2012
Primary view of Developing Dimension: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2012
Peters-Stanley, Molly & Hamilton, Katherine
May 2012
Primary view of Feed-in Tariffs as a Policy Instrument for Promoting Renewable Energies and Green Economies in Developing Countries
Rickerson, Wilson; Laurent, Chad; Jacobs, David; Dietrich, Christina & Hanley, Christina
Primary view of Green Carbon, Black Trade: Illegal Logging, Tax Fraud and Laundering in the World's Tropical Forests
Nellemann, C.
September 2012
Primary view of Green Economy in a Blue World
United Nations Environment Programme
January 2012
Primary view of Green Economy In Action: Articles and Excerpts that Illustrate Green Economy and Sustainable Development Efforts
United Nations Development Programme
August 2012
Primary view of International Waters – Delivering Results
Donker, Stephen Maxwell; Vousden, David; Willemse, Nico E.; Spadone, Aurelie; Jiang, Yihang; Wagey, Tonny et al.
January 2012
Primary view of Leveraging the Landscape
Peters-Stanley, Molly; Hamilton, Katherine & Yin, Daphne
November 2012
Primary view of Scoping assessment of knowledge needs in climate change adaptation in China
Lailai Li; Xiaojing Fei; Jiayi Xu & Huw Slater