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Primary view of Report on the Lands of the Arid Region of the United States, with a More Detailed Account of the Lands of Utah. With Maps.
Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902
Primary view of The What and Why of Agricultural Experiment Stations.
United States. Office of Experiment Stations.
Primary view of Meadows and Pastures: Formation and Cultivation in the Middle Eastern States.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Primary view of Tree planting on rural school grounds.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Primary view of Planting and care of street trees.
Mulford, Furman Lloyd, b. 1869
August 1921
Primary view of Rural Planning: The Social Aspects of Recreation Places.
Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874
Primary view of Planting the roadside.
Mulford, Furman Lloyd, b. 1869.
June 1926
Primary view of Mosquito remedies and preventives.
Howard, L. O. (Leland Ossian), 1857-1950 & Bishopp, F. C. (Fred Corry), 1884-1970
June 1932
Primary view of Game management on the farm.
Darling, Jay N. (Jay Norwood), 1876-1962.; Sheldon, H. P. & Gabrielson, Ira Noel, 1889-
October 1936
Primary view of Arbor day, its purpose and observance.
United States. Forest Service.
November 1936
Primary view of Soil and water conservation in the Pacific Northwest.
Rowalt, E. M.
July 1937
Primary view of Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and legumes.
Leonard, Lewis T. (Lewis Thompson), 1885-
December 1937
Primary view of Legumes in Soil Conservation Practices.
Pieters, A. J.
Primary view of Soil-Depleting, Soil-Conserving, and Soil-Building Crops.
United States. Bureau of Plant Industry.
September 1938
Primary view of Dual-Purpose Pines.
United States. Forest Service. Division of State and Private Forestry.
January 1939
Primary view of Rural planning : the village.
Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874
Primary view of Shrubs for Wildlife on Farms in the Southeast.
Davison, Verne E. (Verne Elbert), 1904-
Primary view of Work of the United States Forest Service.
United States. Forest Service.
April 1940
Primary view of Intensive Projects Under the Cooperative Farm Forestry Act.
United States. Soil Conservation Service. Forestry Division.
Primary view of New landmarks of soil conservation.
United States. Soil Conservation Service.
Primary view of What are we aiming at? : a forest conservation program.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
July 1945
Primary view of It could happen again.
United States. Department of Agriculture. Production and Marketing Administration.
June 1948
Primary view of Reducing damage to trees from construction work.
Fowler, Marvin E. (Marvin Edward), 1904-; Gravatt, G. F. & Thompson, A. Robert.
Primary view of Our Remaining Land: We Can Use It and Save It.
United States. Soil Conservation Service.
June 1949