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[1989 Dallas Police Department employment application questionnaire]

Description: The 1989 employment application questionnaire used by the Dallas Police Department. Someone (likely Mica England) has put an 'X' next to Question 14 ("Have you every [sic] participated in a deviate sex act?). This question was used to bar employment to homosexuals in accordance with Texas Penal Code ยง21.06.
Date: 1989
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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[Mica England on Larry King Live]

Description: Interview on Larry King Live with Mica England and William Waybourn, of the Dallas Gay Alliance, about England's anti-discrimination lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department who refused to hire her because she is a lesbian. Conservative Republican Congressman Bob Dornan (California) is also interviewed and speaks about why he believes it is problematic to hire gay police officers. Viewers call in with comments and questions for the panelists. There is a promo for a later interview on the same program with Ken Wahl but this interview is not included in the footage.
Date: 1989
Duration: 22 minutes 46 seconds
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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