About the Dallas Gay Alliance

The Dallas Gay Alliance was a continuation of the Dallas Gay Political Caucus. Founded in the mid-1970s, the Dallas Gay Political Caucus was first established by Dick Peeples, Steve Wilkins, Louise Young, Don Baker, and others. During the early 1980s, the group changed its name to the Dallas Gay Alliance. One part of the group became the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas. During the 1980s, the Dallas Gay Alliance continued to work towards improving rights for the LGBT population through education and social work. It also pursued its primary focus, developing ways of combatting the AIDS problem.

About the Collection

This digital collection contains early court cases photographs, negatives, correspondence, and newspaper articles related to the activities of the Dallas Gay Alliance from 1980-1988. The corresponding physical collection is housed in the University of North Texas Special Collections. For more information about the physical collection, see the finding aid.


The Dallas Way generously funded the digitization of this collection.

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