About the Church and Synagogue Library Association

Founded in 1967, the Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) served librarians through publications, a network of religious libraries, and training sessions offered at regional and national workshops. Its original newsletter, Church and Synagogue Libraries, changed to Congregational Libraries Today in 2007. The journal presented news of service in libraries that supported faith groups, reviews of books and media, public relations techniques used by successful congregational libraries, and aids in the cataloging and classification of religious materials. In addition, CSLA issued several bibliographic guides (children's materials) and technical guides (cataloging, classification, online systems). The Association held an annual conference in the summer at various locations. The Church ad Synagogue Library Association formally dissolved in August 2017.

About the Digital Collection

The Church and Synagogue Library Association Materials collection contains issues of CSLA's newsletter as well as born-digital materials such as photos and schedules from the Association's annual conferences.

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