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Primary view of Congressional Staffing: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
Carlile, Judy
July 14, 1981
Primary view of Congressional Veto Legislation: 97th Congress
Cavanagh, M. Suzanne; Garcia, Rogelio & Norton, Clark F.
November 24, 1982
Primary view of Congressional Veto of Executive Actions
Nicola, Thomas J. & Norton, Clark F.
November 5, 1982
Primary view of Conrail Sale: Labor Aspects
Ahmuty, Alice L
June 27, 1985
Primary view of Conrail: Sell to Norfolk Southern Corporation or Sell to a Group of Investors?
Thompson, Stephen J
July 18, 1985
Primary view of Constitutional Conventions: Political and Legal Questions
Huckabee, David C. & McCoy, Meredith
July 8, 1985
Primary view of Control of Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs
Hogan, Harry L
January 20, 1984
Primary view of Coordination of Federal Efforts to Control Illicit Drug Traffic
Hogan, Harry L
November 23, 1983
Primary view of Copyright Law: Legalizing Home Taping of Audio and Video Recordings
Wallace, Paul S., Jr.
July 8, 1982
Primary view of Corporate Mergers Through Tender Offers: Measurement and Public Policy Considerations
Winch, Kevin F
December 4, 1981
Primary view of The Corporate Minimum Tax: Rationale, Effects, and Issues
unknown creator
March 24, 1989
Primary view of Cost Overruns in Major Weapon Systems: Current Dimensions of a Longstanding Problem
Lockwood, David E.
October 15, 1983
Primary view of Costa Rica: U.S. Foreign Assistance Facts
Sanford, Jonathan E.
March 31, 1987
Primary view of Crime Control: Administration and Congressional Initiatives
Kaiser, Frederick M.
October 21, 1983
Primary view of The Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act: Context and Content
Gelb, Bernard A.
December 17, 1981
Primary view of Data on the National Debt, 1955-1980
Winters, Philip D.
May 29, 1981
Primary view of Delegate Totals and Dates for Presidential Primaries and Caucuses, 1988
Coleman, Kevin J
February 29, 1988
Primary view of Deregulation of Transportation
Thompson, Stephen J
November 17, 1983
Primary view of Dioxin: Environmental Impacts and Potential Human Health Effects
Simpson, Michael M
October 21, 1983
Primary view of The Divestiture of American Telephone and Telegraph Company: The Impact on Shareholders
Gilroy, Angele A.
December 7, 1983
Primary view of Drug Control
Hogan, Harry L
September 30, 1988
Primary view of Drunk Driving and Raising the Drinking Age
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
June 1, 1983
Primary view of Drunk Driving and the National Driver Register
Segal, Migdon
August 5, 1985
Primary view of An Economic Analysis and Brief Legislative Overview of Usury Ceilings
Anderson, William
July 2, 1981