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Primary view of Cash and Non-Cash Benefits for Persons with Limited Income: Eligibility Rules, Recipient and Expenditure Data, FY1981-83
Burke, Vee
June 18, 1984
Primary view of Child Support Enforcement
Solomon-Fears, Carmen
September 13, 1984
Primary view of The Child Support Enforcement Program
Solomon-Fears, Carmen
October 5, 1982
Primary view of Chronology and Brief Description of Federal Food Assistance Legislation, 1935-1983
Jones, Jean Yavis
June 25, 1984
Primary view of Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Programs: Reauthorization Issues
Riddle, Wayne C
May 13, 1988
Primary view of Food Stamps: 1982 Legislation
Richardson, Joe
January 10, 1983
Primary view of Homeless in America
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
November 1, 1984
Primary view of The Homeless: Overview of the Problem and the Federal Response
Spar, Karen & Austin, Monique C.
September 14, 1984
Primary view of How the Food Stamp Program Works
Richardson, Joe
October 7, 1982
Primary view of Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement: Selected References
Shirley-Reynolds, Saundra
August 1, 1984
Primary view of Poverty: Trends, Causes and Cures
Shipp, P. Royal
February 1, 1984
Primary view of Progress Against Poverty (1959-1983): The Recent Poverty Debate
Gabe, Thomas
June 7, 1985
Primary view of Teenage Sexual Activity and Childbearing: An Analysis of the Relationships of Behavior to Family and Personal Background
Griffith, Jeanne E.
July 9, 1987