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Primary view of Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages: Should a Radio and TV Ban be Imposed?
Mulock, Bruce K.
July 26, 1985
Primary view of The American Telephone and Telegraph Divestiture: Background, Provisions, and Restructuring
Gilroy, Angele A
April 11, 1984
Primary view of AT and T Divestiture: Restructuring the U.S. Domestic Telephone Industry
Congressional Reference Division
August 10, 1984
Primary view of Commerical Television Broadcasting: An Economic Analysis of Its Structure and Competitive Alternatives
Gilroy, Angele A
June 30, 1980
Primary view of A Glossary of Selected Telecommunications Terms
Bortnick, Jane; Gilroy, Angele A & Siddall, David
January 1, 1984
Primary view of Obscenity: A Legal Primer
Reimer, Rita Ann
December 11, 1985
Primary view of Political Broadcasts - Regulate or Deregulate?
Yadlosky, Elizabeth & Espenshade, Pamela
March 2, 1984
Primary view of Proposals for Revision of the Communications Act of 1934: Telecommunications Issues
Gilroy, Angele A
November 19, 1982
Primary view of Radio Marti
Woldman, Joel M
May 22, 1984
Primary view of The Telecommunications Act of 1982 (H.R. 5158, 97th Congress): Provisions and Controversies
Gilroy, Angele A
May 21, 1982
Primary view of Telephone Industry Issues
Congressional Reference Division
January 1, 1987
Primary view of Telephone Industry Residential Subscriber Line Charges and the Lifeline Option
Gilroy, Angele A
March 16, 1987