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Primary view of Candidates for Presidential Nomination in 1988: Major Declared Contestants and Campaign Organizations
Neale, Thomas H
March 14, 1988
Primary view of Compendium of Precedents Involving Evidentiary Rulings and Applications of Evidentiary Principles from Selected Impeachment Trials
Bazan, Elizabeth B.; Shampansky, Jay R.; Crump, Karen & Nicholson, Maribel
July 3, 1989
Primary view of Delegate Totals and Dates for Presidential Primaries and Caucuses, 1988
Coleman, Kevin J
February 29, 1988
Primary view of Electoral Votes by State: Changes Resulting from the 1980 Census
Gorman, Joseph B
October 15, 1982
Primary view of Former Presidents: Pensions, Facilities, and Services
Smith, Stephanie
May 18, 1984
Primary view of Kissinger Commission Implementation: Actions by the Congress Through 1986 on the Recommendations of the National Bipartisan Commission of Central America
Storrs, K. Larry
March 7, 1987
Primary view of Persian Gulf and the War Powers Debate: Issue Summary and Review of Events
Mark, Clyde R.
October 19, 1987
Primary view of Proposals to Reform Our Presidential Electoral System: A Survey of the Historical Background and Development of the Electoral College, and a Compilation of Proposals to Reform It,  With Pro and Con Analyses
Durbin, Thomas M
August 1, 1984
Primary view of Social Security Financing
Koitz, David Stuart; Kollmann, Geoffrey & Miller, Nancy
January 25, 1983
Primary view of The Unfolding of the Reagan Energy Program: The First Year
Parker, Larry; Bamberger, Robert L. & Abbasi, Susan R.
December 17, 1981
Primary view of The War Powers Resolution: A Decade of Experience
Collier, Ellen C
February 6, 1984
Primary view of War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance
Collier, Ellen C
December 13, 1983