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Primary view of Food and Agriculture Provisions in the FY1997 Supplemental Appropriations Act
Chite, Ralph M.
June 16, 1997
Primary view of Gun Industry Liability: Lawsuits and Legislation
Cohen, Henry
March 30, 1999
Primary view of APEC and Free Trade in the Asia Pacific
Nanto, Dick K.
November 14, 1995
Primary view of APEC - Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: Free Trade and Other Issues
Nanto, Dick K.
November 10, 1993
Primary view of Trade, Competitiveness, and International Economic Policy: A Bibliography of CRS Products
Howe, Robert
June 15, 1993
Primary view of Jerusalem: Legislation to Move the U.S. Embassy
Mark, Clyde R.
April 13, 1998
Primary view of Jerusalem: The U.S. Embassy and P.L. 104-45
Mark, Clyde R.
September 22, 1999
Primary view of Farm Commodity Programs: Sugar
Jurenas, Remy
April 24, 1998
Primary view of Federal Regulatory Structure for Egg Safety: Fact Sheet
Vogt, Donna U
September 21, 1999
Primary view of Fast-Track Trade Authority Proposals: Which Environmental Issues are Included in the Principal Negotiating Objectives?
Wilson, Arlene
October 17, 1997
Primary view of Appropriations for FY1999: Department of Transportation and Related Agencies
Thompson, Duane A
December 1, 1998
Primary view of The Federal Debt: Who Bears Its Burdens?
Cox, William A
December 9, 1999
Primary view of Federal Advertising Law: An Overview
Cohen, Henry
February 9, 1998
Primary view of Fast-Track Trade Authority: Which Environmental Issues are "Directly Related to Trade"?
Wilson, Arlene
October 2, 1997
Primary view of The Federal Fiscal Year
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
February 25, 1999
Primary view of Asia's Reaction to NAFTA
Hamilton, Nancy J
June 30, 1993
Primary view of Federal Funding Gaps: A Brief Overview
Keith, Robert
October 18, 1999
Primary view of Fiscal Year 1998 Continuing Resolutions
Streeter, Sandy
December 1, 1997
Primary view of Military Retirement and Veterans' Compensation: Concurrent Receipt Issues
Goldich, Robert L.
April 7, 1995
Primary view of Kosovo Conflict: Russian Responses and Implications for the United States
Nichol, Jim
June 2, 1999
Primary view of Kosovo: Greek and Turkish Perspectives
Migdalovitz, Carol
May 27, 1999
Primary view of Kosovo: International Reactions to NATO Air Strikes
Donfried, Karen
April 21, 1999
Primary view of Kosovo's Future Status: Alternative Models
Miko, Francis T.
May 26, 1999
Primary view of Cruise Missile Inventories and NATO Attacks on Yugoslavia: Background Information
O'Rourke, Ronald
April 20, 1999