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Primary view of The Corporate Minimum Tax: Rationale, Effects, and Issues
unknown creator
March 24, 1989
Primary view of The Japanese Health Care System
Sokolovsky, Joan
October 13, 1989
Primary view of U.S. Trade Policy Towards Japan: Where Do We Go From Here?
Cooper, William H.
May 8, 1989
Primary view of Japan: Prospects for Greater Market Openness
Ahearn, Raymond J.
June 26, 1989
Primary view of Compendium of Precedents Involving Evidentiary Rulings and Applications of Evidentiary Principles from Selected Impeachment Trials
Bazan, Elizabeth B.; Shampansky, Jay R.; Crump, Karen & Nicholson, Maribel
July 3, 1989
Primary view of Equal Rights for Women
Gladstone, Leslie W
October 14, 1987
Primary view of Congressional Pay
Dwyer, Paul E
December 27, 1982
Primary view of Congressional Veto Legislation: 97th Congress
Cavanagh, M. Suzanne; Garcia, Rogelio & Norton, Clark F.
November 24, 1982
Primary view of Salaries and Allowances: Congress
Dwyer, Paul E
August 20, 1982
Primary view of Gun Control
Hogan, Harry L
August 11, 1982
Primary view of Parental Kidnapping
McCoy, Meredith
August 25, 1982
Primary view of Monetary Policy: Recent Changes and Current Conditions
Driscoll, David D
July 1, 1982
Primary view of Electoral Votes by State: Changes Resulting from the 1980 Census
Gorman, Joseph B
October 15, 1982
Primary view of Busing for School Desegregation
Stedman, James B.
July 8, 1982
Primary view of School Prayer
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
June 1, 1982
Primary view of Civil Defense and the Effects of Nuclear War
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
March 12, 1982
Primary view of Energy and the 97th Congress: Overview
Parker, Larry; Bamberger, Robert L. & Behrens, Carl E.
November 10, 1982
Primary view of Caribbean Basin Initiative
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
April 13, 1983
Primary view of United States/Soviet Military Balance
Collins, John M. & Severns, Elizabeth Ann
January 4, 1982
Primary view of Agent Orange: Veterans' Complaints Concerning Exposure to Herbicides in South Vietnam
Smith, Pamela W.
June 25, 1982
Primary view of Health Insurance: The Pro-Competition Proposals
Lundy, Janet P. & Markus, Glenn
December 6, 1982
Primary view of Foreign Investment in U.S. Industry
Wilson, Arlene
October 18, 1982
Primary view of Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Lands: Leasing for Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Development
Hymes, William H.
December 20, 1982
Primary view of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings
Schmitt, Ray
November 22, 1982