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Primary view of S. 2270, Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1971: Summary and Pro-Con Arguments
Berkson, Harold
December 23, 1971
Primary view of Residential Financing and Construction Cycles
Schechter, Henry B.
December 7, 1971
Primary view of Implications of Federal Funding Cutbacks for Analytical Research Institutions: Some Preliminary Observations
Doscher, Susan L.
December 22, 1971
Primary view of Undeclared War and the Right of the Serviceman to Refuse Service Abroad: The Massachusetts Law and Further Judicial Development
Killian, Johnny H.
December 1, 1971
Primary view of The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965,  Issues and Impact: Selected References
Vialet, Joyce
December 21, 1971
Primary view of Summary of Revenue Act of 1971 as Enacted Into Law
Leibowitz, George J. & Gravelle, Jane
December 10, 1971
Primary view of Federal Assistance to States and Communities for the Control of Drug Abuse
Wolf, Jean Dempsey
December 15, 1971
Primary view of An Analysis of Forest Issues in the First Session of the 92nd Congress
Shaw, Elmer W.
December 31, 1971