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Guatemala: Political and Socioeconomic Conditions and U.S. Relations
This report discusses Guatemala's current political situation, anti-corruption efforts and large-scale investigations of the past and current president for corruption, relations with the U.S., and economic and social conditions.
Guatemala: Political and Socioeconomic Conditions and U.S. Relations
This report describes the political structure and government in Guatemala and the presidency of Jimmy Morales and his anti-corruption efforts as well as socioeconomic conditions in Guatemala, Relations between the U.S. and Guatemala are also discussed.
Guatemala: One President Resigns; Another Elected, to Be Inaugurated January 14
This report discusses the transfer of power to the newly-elected president of Guatemala and its context, following the resignation of the former president and vice-president, their arrest for government corruption, and the succeeding interim government.
Guatemala: President Pérez Resigns; Runoff Presidential Election on October 25
This report provides background on the runoff presidential election in Guatemala following the resignation of President Otto Pérez Molina in September. In response to a court order, he appeared at court to hear charges of criminal association, corruption, and fraud brought against him; Congress accepted Pérez's resignation and swore in Vice President Alejandro Maldonado as president.
Unaccompanied Alien Children: Demographics in Brief
This report discusses children coming to the United States who are not accompanied by parents or legal guardians and who lack proper immigration documents has raised complex and competing sets of humanitarian concerns and immigration control issues. This report focuses on the demographics of unaccompanied alien children while they are in removal proceedings.
Guatemala: Political, Security, and SocioEconomic Conditions and U.S. Relations
This report provides an overview of Guatemala’s current political and economic conditions, relations with the United States, and several issues likely to figure in future decisions by Congress and the Administration regarding Guatemala.