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Primary view of Afghanistan: Soviet Invasion and U.S. Response
Library of Congress. Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division.
May 2, 1980
Primary view of Foreign Ownership of Property in the United States: Federal and State Restrictions
Zaritsky, Howard
June 23, 1980
Primary view of Commerical Television Broadcasting: An Economic Analysis of Its Structure and Competitive Alternatives
Gilroy, Angele A.
June 30, 1980
Primary view of High Interest Rates: Causes and Effects
Leisenring, Carol
June 30, 1980
Primary view of Prayer and Religion in the Public Schools: What Is, and Is Not, Permitted
Ackerman, David M.
September 4, 1980
Primary view of Imported Automobiles in the United States: Their Rising Market Share and the Macroeconomic Impact of a Proposed Import Restriction
Nanto, Dick K. & Elwell, Craig
September 15, 1980
Primary view of Metropolitan School Desegregation
Jordan, K. Forbis & Dale, Charles V.
December 15, 1980
Primary view of A Brief History of U.S. Immigration Policy
Vialet, Joyce
December 22, 1980
Primary view of Federal Reserve Membership and Monetary Control
White, Roger
January 12, 1981
Primary view of A Summary of Prevailing Views on the Sources of Inflation
Cashell, Brian W.
January 30, 1981
Primary view of Soft Versus Hard Energy Paths: An Analysis of the Debate
Marcus, Gail H
March 1, 1981
Primary view of Lobby Act Reform
Sachs, Richard C
March 19, 1981
Primary view of Enterprise Zones as a Concept
Breckenridge, Charlotte
March 26, 1981
Primary view of Balanced Budget and Spending Limitations: Proposed Constitutional Amendments in the 97th Congress
Schick, Allen & Strickland, Daniel P.
April 3, 1981
Primary view of Chemical Warfare: A Primer on Agents, Munitions, and Defensive Measures
Kallis, E. M.
April 27, 1981
Primary view of Busing for School Desegregation: The Debate on Selected Issues
Stedman, James B.
April 30, 1981
Primary view of Trilateral Commission
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
May 1, 1981
Primary view of A Functional Analysis of Congressional Member Office Operations
Carlile, Judy
May 14, 1981
Primary view of Closing a Congressional Office: A Brief Overview
Carlile, Judy
May 18, 1981
Primary view of Increased U.S. Military Sales to China: Arguments and Alternatives
Sutter, Robert G.
May 20, 1981
Primary view of Data on the National Debt, 1955-1980
Winters, Philip D.
May 29, 1981
Primary view of Recruiting, Retention, and Quality in the All-Volunteer Force
Goldich, Robert L.
June 8, 1981
Primary view of Bomber Options for Replacing B52s
Mitchell, Douglas D
June 17, 1981
Primary view of Land Disposal Policies of the Principal Federal Land Management Agencies
Huston, Cynthia E.
July 1, 1981