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Primary view of The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA): An Explanation
Mason, Chuck R.
Primary view of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs: FY2010 Budget and Appropriations
Epstein, Susan B.; Nakamura, Kennon H. & Lawson, Marian Leonardo
unknown creation date
Primary view of U.S. Trade Remedy Laws and Nonmarket Economies: A Legal Overview
Grimmett, Jeanne J.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Development of National Urban Growth and Rural Development Policy: Legislative and Executive Actions in 1970 and 1971
Congressional Research Service
March 23, 1972
Primary view of Nursing Homes and the Congress: A Brief History of Developments and Issues
Congressional Research Service
November 1, 1972
Primary view of The Federal Budget Process
Congressional Research Service
December 29, 1972
Primary view of Equal Rights Amendment (Proposed)
Holcomb, Morrigene
October 18, 1974
Primary view of The National Debt: A Discussion of the Issues Involved
Harbaugh, Jeffrey A
February 12, 1976
Primary view of China-U.S. Relations
Sutter, Robert G
July 20, 1976
Primary view of Abortion: Legal Control
Hall, James
August 12, 1976
Primary view of Child Abuse: History, Legislation and Issues
Jones, Jean Yavis
January 13, 1978
Primary view of Tax Return Confidentiality
Zaritsky, Howard
March 24, 1978
Primary view of Seafarer: Extremely Low Frequency Naval Communications System
Gannon, Edmund J
June 20, 1978
Primary view of Citizen Control Over Records Held by Third Parties
Collins, Sarah P
December 8, 1978
Primary view of Legislation to Limit Federal Expenditures: Past and Present
Fisk, John D
January 18, 1979
Primary view of The Constitutionality of the Withdrawal of All Federal Court Jurisdiction Over Questions Involving State-Sponsored Prayer in Public Schools and Public Buildings
Ackerman, David M
April 27, 1979
Primary view of The American Electoral College: Origins, Development, Proposals for Reform or Abolition
Neale, Thomas H
June 2, 1979
Primary view of No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance
Swendiman, Kathleen S
July 16, 1979
Primary view of Congressional Action to Overturn Agency Rules: Alternatives to the "Legislative Veto"
Kaiser, Frederick M
September 24, 1979
Primary view of Actions of the Congress and the Federal Government on Smoking and Health
Klebe, Edward R.
September 26, 1979
Primary view of A Concise History of the Food Stamp Program
Richardson, Joe
November 16, 1979
Primary view of A Concise History of the Food Stamp Program
Richardson, Joe
November 16, 1979
Primary view of The Consumer Price Index: An Overview
Esenwein, Gregg A & Molefsky, Barry
December 14, 1979
Primary view of Automobiles Imported from Japan
Nanto, Dick K
March 12, 1980