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Primary view of Science, Technology, and Medicine: Issues Facing the 106th Congress, Second Session
Rowberg, Richard E
March 16, 2000
Primary view of Grants Information on the World Wide Web
Gerli, Merete F
April 5, 2000
Primary view of Global Climate Change: A Survey of Scientific Research and Policy Reports
Morrissey, Wayne A
April 13, 2000
Primary view of Federal R&D, Drug Discovery, and Pricing: Insights from the NIH-University-Industry Relationship
Schacht, Wendy H
June 19, 2000
Primary view of Daylight Saving Time
Yacker, Heidi G
August 1, 2000
Primary view of How to Find Information in a Library
Platt, Suzy
August 3, 2000
Primary view of An Examination of the Issues Surrounding Biotechnology Patenting and Its Effect Upon Entrepreneurial Companies
Thomas, John R
August 31, 2000
Primary view of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise
Hatch, Erin C
September 14, 2000
Primary view of The National Institutes of Health: An Overview
Smith, Pamela W.
September 15, 2000
Primary view of Stem Cell Research
Johnson, Judith A & Jackson, Brian A
September 19, 2000
Primary view of Manipulating Molecules: The National Nanotechnology Initiative
Davey, Michael E
September 20, 2000
Primary view of Research and Development: Priority Setting and Consolidation in Science Budgeting
Knezo, Genevieve J
October 13, 2000
Primary view of Point and Click: Internet Search Engines, Subject Guides, and Searching Techniques
Tehan, Rita
October 24, 2000
Primary view of Technology Transfer: Use of Federally Funded Research and Development
Schacht, Wendy H
December 5, 2000
Primary view of R&D Partnerships and Intellectual Property: Implications for U.S. Policy
Schacht, Wendy H
December 6, 2000
Primary view of Asset Distribution of Taxable Estates: An Analysis
Maguire, Steven
December 7, 2000
Primary view of Patent Ownership and Federal Research and Development (R and D): A Discussion on the Bayh-Dole Act and the Stevenson-Wydler Act
Schacht, Wendy H
December 11, 2000
Primary view of Department of Energy Research and Development Budget for FY2001: Description and Analysis
Rowberg, Richard E
January 3, 2001
Primary view of Legislative Research in Congressional Offices: A Primer
Wellborn, Clay H. & Kolakowski, Michael
January 9, 2001
Primary view of Terrorism, the Future, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Perl, Raphael F
January 9, 2001
Primary view of Stem Cell Research
Johnson, Judith A
January 10, 2001
Primary view of Climate Change Technology Initiative (CCTI): Research, Technology, and Related Programs
Simpson, Michael M
January 22, 2001
Primary view of Fishery, Aquaculture, and Marine Mammal Online News and Information Sources
Buck, Eugene H
February 21, 2001
Primary view of Grants Information for Constituents
Gerli, Merete F
April 16, 2001