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Primary view of Individual Mandate Under ACA
Mach, Annie L.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Health Maintenance Organizations
Price, Richard J
January 22, 1982
Primary view of Health Insurance: The Pro-Competition Proposals
Lundy, Janet P. & Markus, Glenn
December 6, 1982
Primary view of Handicapped Infants: The Final Section 504 Regulation and Legislative Proposals
Smith, Mary F.
February 8, 1984
Primary view of Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement: Selected References
Shirley-Reynolds, Saundra
August 1, 1984
Primary view of Medicare: Physician Payments
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
June 24, 1987
Primary view of Legal Implications of the Contagious Disease or Infections Amendment to the Civil Rights Restoration Act, S.557
Jones, Nancy Lee
March 14, 1988
Primary view of Family Planning: Title X of the Public Health Service Act
Cislowski, Joseph A
March 24, 1988
Primary view of Medicaid: Recent Trends in Beneficiaries and Spending
King, Kathleen; Rimkunas, Richard & Nuschler, Dawn
March 27, 1992
Primary view of Medicare: Payments to HMOs and Other Private Plans Under the Medicare+Choice Program
Smith, Madeleine T
September 18, 1997
Primary view of Medicare: Private Contracts
O'Sullivan, Jennifer & Echeverria, Cecilia O
October 21, 1997
Primary view of Medicare: Payments to Physicians
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
January 28, 1998
Primary view of Medicare Expansion: President Clinton's Proposals to Allow Coverage Before Age 65
Lyke, Bob; Fuchs, Beth C; O'Sullivan, Jennifer & Smith, Madeleine T
March 31, 1998
Primary view of Medicare: Financing the Part A Hospital Insurance Program
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
May 5, 1998
Primary view of Medicare: Changes to Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA 97, P.L. 105-33) Provisions
O'Sullivan, Jennifer; Merck, Carolyn L; Smith, Madeleine T & Tilson, Sibyl L
November 19, 1999
Primary view of Medicare Beneficiary Access to Care: The Effects of New Prospective Payment Systems on Outpatient Hospital Care, Home Health Care, and Skilled Nursing Facility Care
Merck, Carolyn L
February 2, 2000
Primary view of Medicare: Prescription Drug Proposals
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
June 8, 2000
Primary view of Medicaid, SCHIP, and Other Health Provisions in H.R. 5661: Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Benefits Improvement and Protection Act of 2000
Hearne, Jean P.; Herz, Elicia J. & Baumrucker, Evelyne P.
January 4, 2001
Primary view of Medicare: Selected Prescription Drug Proposals in the 107th Congress
O’Sullivan, Jennifer
August 13, 2001
Primary view of Environmental Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors: What Are the Human Health Risks?
Schierow, Linda-Jo & Buck, Eugene H.
February 4, 2002
Primary view of Health Insurance: Federal Data Sources for Analyses of the Uninsured
Peterson, Chris L. & Devere, Christine
February 7, 2002
Primary view of Medicare+Choice Payments
Chaikind, Hinda Ripps & Morgan, Paulette C
May 8, 2002
Primary view of Medicare+Choice Payments
Chaikind, Hinda Ripps & Morgan, Paulette C
January 22, 2003
Primary view of Medicare Structural Reform: Background and Options
Chaikind, Hinda R.; O'Sullivan, Jennifer & Boulanger, Jennifer
January 28, 2003