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Primary view of Fish and Wildlife Service: Compensation to Local Governments
M. Lynne Corn
March 6, 1990
Primary view of The Unification of Germany: Background and Analysis of the Two-Plus-Four Talks
Gallis, Paul E
April 16, 1990
Primary view of Iraq-Kuwait: U.N. Security Council Resolutions -- Texts and Votes
Browne, Marjorie Ann
November 1, 1990
Primary view of German Unification
Gallis, Paul E & Woehrel, Steven
November 6, 1990
Primary view of The Fair Labor Standards Act: Changes Made by the 101st Congress and Their Implications
Whittaker, William G.
January 1, 1991
Primary view of How to Follow Current Federal Legislation and Regulations
Davis, Carol D
January 10, 1991
Primary view of China's Prospects After Tiananmen Square: Current Conditions, Future Scenarios, and a Survey of Expert Opinion
Dumbaugh, Kerry; Kan, Shirley A & Sutter, Robert G
January 15, 1991
Primary view of Commercial Relations with the Soviet Union: Prospects for a Common United States Japanese Policy
Hardt, John P
February 25, 1991
Primary view of Military and Civilian Satellites in Support of Allied Forces in the Persian Gulf War
Smith, Marcia S
February 27, 1991
Primary view of Japan's World War II Reparations: A Fact Sheet
Niksch, Larry A
March 7, 1991
Primary view of Japan: Resale Price Maintenance
Nanto, Dick K
March 28, 1991
Primary view of The US Role in a New World Order: Prospects for George Bush's Global Vision
unknown creator
March 28, 1991
Primary view of Lobbying by Foreign Interests: Japan
Sachs, Richard C
April 5, 1991
Primary view of Japanese Companies and Technology: Lessons to Learn?
Schacht, Wendy H
April 15, 1991
Primary view of Desert Shield and Desert Storm Implications for Future U.S. Force Requirements
Collins, John M
April 19, 1991
Primary view of National Emergency Powers
Relyea, Harold C
April 29, 1991
Primary view of Persian Gulf War: Defense-Policy Implications for Congress
O'Rourke, Ronald
May 15, 1991
Primary view of Japan's Response to the Persian Gulf Crisis: Implications for U.S. -Japan Relations
Niksch, Larry A & Sutter, Robert G
May 23, 1991
Primary view of Japan-U.S. Trade: A Chronology of Major Events, 1980-1990
Morrison, Wayne M & Villarreal, M. Angeles
June 20, 1991
Primary view of Japanese and U.S. Industrial Associations: Their Roles in High-Technology Policymaking
Nanto, Dick K & McLoughlin, Glenn J
June 26, 1991
Primary view of Treatment Technologies at Superfund Sites
Wozniak, Alborz A & Reisch, Mark
June 27, 1991
Primary view of Conventional Arms Transfers to the Third World, 1983-1990
unknown creator
August 2, 1991
Primary view of Japan-U.S. Trade and Economic Relations: Bibliography-In-Brief, 1990-1991
Howe, Robert
September 5, 1991
Primary view of Japan's Prime Minister: Selection Process, 1991 Candidates, and Implications for the United States
Young, Jeffrey D
September 24, 1991