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Primary view of Automobiles Imported from Japan
Nanto, Dick K.
March 12, 1980
Primary view of Soviet Policy Toward the Third World
Cooper, William H.
April 2, 1980
Primary view of Afghanistan: Soviet Invasion and U.S. Response
Library of Congress. Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division.
May 2, 1980
Primary view of Foreign Ownership of Property in the United States: Federal and State Restrictions
Zaritsky, Howard
June 23, 1980
Primary view of Commerical Television Broadcasting: An Economic Analysis of Its Structure and Competitive Alternatives
Gilroy, Angele A.
June 30, 1980
Primary view of High Interest Rates: Causes and Effects
Leisenring, Carol
June 30, 1980
Primary view of Prayer and Religion in the Public Schools: What Is, and Is Not, Permitted
Ackerman, David M.
September 4, 1980
Primary view of Imported Automobiles in the United States: Their Rising Market Share and the Macroeconomic Impact of a Proposed Import Restriction
Nanto, Dick K. & Elwell, Craig
September 15, 1980
Primary view of Metropolitan School Desegregation
Jordan, K. Forbis & Dale, Charles V.
December 15, 1980
Primary view of A Brief History of U.S. Immigration Policy
Vialet, Joyce
December 22, 1980