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Primary view of The Corporate Minimum Tax: Rationale, Effects, and Issues
unknown creator
March 24, 1989
Primary view of Manual on the Federal Budget Process
Schick, Allen; Keith, Robert & Davis, Edward
March 31, 1987
Primary view of Federal Drug Control: President's Budget Request for Fiscal Year 1988
Hogan, Harry L & Walke, Roger
June 1, 1987
Primary view of Multilateral Development Banks: Legislation Affecting U.S. Participation
Sanford, Jonathan E.
June 29, 1987
Primary view of The Reagan Administration Posture Toward the ABM Treaty - Possible Implications
Hildreth, Steven A
September 8, 1987
Primary view of Trade Deficits and the Dollar: Bibliography-in-Brief, 1984-1987
Kirk, Robert S.
October 1, 1987
Primary view of Smokeless Tobacco: Snuff and Chewing Tobacco; Bibliography-in-Brief, 1983-1987
Sutterlin, Edith
January 1, 1988
Primary view of World Bank Legislation Before the 99th Congress
Sanford, Jonathan E.
July 26, 1985
Primary view of What Large Deficits Will Do If They Continue (And What Will Happen If They Are Reduced)
Woodward, G. Thomas
April 29, 1985
Primary view of Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation: Health Effects and Regulation
Simpson, Michael M
December 12, 1983
Primary view of U.S. Sales of New Domestic and Imported Automobiles from 1977 through 1984, With U.S. Market Shares of Countries of Origin
Flaherty, Kevin
April 5, 1985
Primary view of U.S. Defense Procurement Reform: Major Congressional Initiatives
Lockwood, David E.
July 3, 1985
Primary view of Trends in Conventional Arms Transfers to the Third World by Major Supplier, 1980-1987
Grimmett, Richard F.
May 9, 1988
Primary view of Trade and Current Account Balances: Statistics
Harrison, Glennon J
April 29, 1988
Primary view of Three Utility Financing Issues
Morrison, Sylvia & Flaherty, Kevin
May 17, 1984
Primary view of The Strategic Defense Initiative: Program Facts
Hildreth, Steven A
July 22, 1987
Primary view of The Strategic Defense Initiative: Issues for Phase 1 Deployment
Hildreth, Steven A
March 7, 1988
Primary view of The Stability of the International Banking System
Wilson, Arlene
July 10, 1985
Primary view of The School Prayer Controversy: Pro-Con Arguments
Whittier, Charles H
August 26, 1985
Primary view of The Radwaste Paradox
Carter, Luther J.
January 7, 1983
Primary view of The Persian Gulf and the U.S. Naval Presence: Issues for Congress
Collier, Ellen C.; Gallis, Paul E.; Goldman, Stuart D.; Mark, Clyde R.; O'Rourke, Ronald & Preece, Richard M.
August 3, 1987
Primary view of The Liability Insurance Crisis
Cohen, Henry & Whiteman, David
June 1, 1987
Primary view of The Liability Insurance Controversy
Whiteman, David
May 1, 1987
Primary view of The Labor Market of the 1980s: Unemployment Omens in a Growing Economy
Roth, Dennis M
January 22, 1988