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Primary view of Amendments in the Senate: Types and Forms
Saturno, James V.
November 2, 2004
Primary view of Senate Committees: Categories and Rules for Committee Assignments
Schneider, Judy
January 8, 2005
Primary view of House Committee Markup: Vehicle for Consideration and Amendment
Schneider, Judy
June 1, 2006
Primary view of Continuing Resolutions: Overview of Components and Recent Practices
Saturno, James V. & Tollestrup, Jessica
January 14, 2016
Primary view of Provisions of the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3762
Mach, Annie L.
February 1, 2016
Primary view of Grants Work in a Congressional Office
Gerli, Merete F.
January 3, 2005
Primary view of Party Leaders in Congress, 1789-2003: Vital Statistics
Rundquist, Paul S.; Sachs, Richard C. & Bullock, Faye M.
January 22, 2003
Primary view of Bills and Resolutions: Examples of How Each Kind Is Used
Beth, Richard S.
December 7, 2004
Primary view of Congress and the Budget: 2016 Actions and Events
Driessen, Grant A. & Lynch, Megan S.
January 19, 2016
Primary view of Congressional Record: Its Production, Distribution, and Accessibility
Amer, Mildred
October 27, 2006
Primary view of The Presidential Veto and Congressional Procedure
Sollenberger, Mitchel A.
February 27, 2004
Primary view of Days Reserved for Special Business in the House
Saturno, James V.
January 11, 2005
Primary view of Committee Assignment Process in the U.S. Senate: Democratic and Republican Party Procedures
Schneider, Judy
November 3, 2006
Primary view of Parliamentary Reference Sources: House of Representatives
Carr, Thomas P.
September 15, 2005
Primary view of Omnibus Appropriations Acts: Overview of Recent Practices
Saturno, James V. & Tollestrup, Jessica
January 14, 2016
Primary view of Clean Water Act Issues in the 109th Congress
Copeland, Claudia
January 24, 2005
Primary view of Congressional Roll Call and Other Record Votes: First Congress Through 108th Congress, 1789 Through 2004
Pontius, John S.
March 3, 2005
Primary view of House and Senate Rules of Procedure: A Comparison
Rundquist, Paul; Schneider, Judy & Tong, Lorraine H.
April 7, 1999
Primary view of Amendments in Disagreement
Saturno, James V.
November 3, 2004
Primary view of The House Amendment Tree
Oleszek, Walter J.
February 20, 2001
Primary view of Revenue Legislation in the Congressional Budget Process
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
June 13, 2003
Primary view of Hearings in the House of Representatives: A Guide for Preparation and Procedure
Carr, Thomas P.
June 13, 2006
Primary view of The President Pro Tempore of the Senate: History and Authority of the Office
Sachs, Richard C.
July 26, 2004
Primary view of Preparation for Senate Committee Markup
Carr, Thomas P.
January 5, 2005