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Primary view of Terrorism and Security Issues Facing the Water Infrastructure Sector
Copeland, Claudia & Cody, Betsy A.
January 24, 2006
Primary view of Wetland Mitigation Banking: Status and Prospects
Zinn, Jeffrey A.
September 12, 1997
Primary view of Ecosystems, Biomes, and Watersheds: Definitions and Use
Corn, M. Lynne
July 14, 1993
Primary view of Aging Infrastructure: Dam Safety
Powers, Kyna
September 29, 2005
Primary view of Ballast Water Management to Combat Invasive Species
Buck, Eugene H.
October 1, 2007
Primary view of Flood Risk Management: Federal Role in Infrastructure
Carter, Nicole T.
October 26, 2005
Primary view of Federal Flood Insurance: The Repetitive Loss Problem
King, Rawle O
June 30, 2005
Primary view of U.S.-Mexican Water Sharing: Background and Recent Developments
Carter, Nicole T.; Mulligan, Stephen P. & Ribando Seelke, Clare
March 2, 2017
Primary view of Central Valley Project Operations: Background and Legislation
Stern, Charles V. & Sheikh, Pervaze A.
April 26, 2017
Primary view of Energy-Water Nexus: The Water Sector's Energy Use
Copeland, Claudia
January 3, 2014
Primary view of Emergency Water Assistance During Drought: Federal Non-Agricultural Programs
Carter, Nicole T.; Cowan, Tadlock & Barrett, Joanna
February 26, 2014
Primary view of Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Expenditures
Frittelli, John
January 10, 2011
Primary view of Hydropower: Federal and Nonfederal Investment
Bracmort, Kelsi; Stern, Charles V. & Vann, Adam
June 26, 2012
Primary view of Global Access to Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation: U.S. and International Programs
Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji
September 10, 2012
Primary view of Hydropower: Federal and Nonfederal Investment
Bracmort, Kelsi; Vann, Adam & Stern, Charles V.
July 7, 2015
Primary view of Drought in the United States: Causes and Issues for Congress
Folger, Peter; Cody, Betsy A. & Carter, Nicole T.
March 2, 2009
Primary view of Water Resources Development Act (WRDA): Army Corps of Engineers Authorization Issues
Carter, Nicole T.; Hughes, H. Steven; Sheikh, Pervaze A. & Zinn, Jeffrey A.
July 14, 2006
Primary view of Benefit-Cost Analysis and the Discount Rate for the Corps of Engineers' Water Resource Projects: Theory and Practice
Powers, Kyna
June 23, 2003
Primary view of Energy and Water Development: FY2011 Appropriations
Behrens, Carl E.
February 25, 2011
Primary view of Energy's Water Demand: Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Management
Carter, Nicole T.
November 24, 2010
Primary view of Inland Waterways: Recent Proposals and Issues for Congress
Stern, Charles V.
May 3, 2013
Primary view of Water Infrastructure Financing: The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Program
Copeland, Claudia
October 23, 2014
Primary view of EPA Policies Concerning Integrated Planning and Affordability of Water Infrastructure
Copeland, Claudia
October 8, 2015
Primary view of Legal Issues Related to Livestock Watering in Federal Grazing Districts
Baldwin, Pamela
August 30, 1994