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Primary view of Block Grants
Osbourn, Sandra S
August 31, 1981
Primary view of Speed Limits for Motor Vehicles
Segal, Migdon
April 9, 1987
Primary view of National Minimum Drinking Age: Provisions and Analysis
Lipford, William A
October 29, 1984
Primary view of Federal and State Authority to Regulate Radioactive Waste Disposal and Transportation
Seitzinger, Michael V
May 11, 1982
Primary view of Foreign Ownership of Property in the United States: Federal and State Restrictions
Zaritsky, Howard
June 23, 1980
Primary view of Survey of State Statutes Affecting Voting by the Physically Handicapped
Reimer, Rita Ann; Wolfe, M. Ann & Fletcher, Carolyn
July 8, 1983
Primary view of Drunk Driving and Raising the Drinking Age
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
June 1, 1983