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Hubble Space Telescope: NASA's Plans for a Servicing Mission

Description: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) estimates that without a servicing mission to replace key components, the Hubble Space Telescope will cease scientific operations in 2008. In January 2004, then-NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced that the space shuttle would no longer be used to service Hubble. Hubble supporters criticized this as a result of President Bush's new Vision for Space Exploration; said supporters sought to reverse the decision and proceed with a shuttle servicing mission. In October 2006, NASA approved a shuttle mission to service Hubble. That mission is now scheduled for October 8, 2008.
Date: May 23, 2008
Creator: Morgan, Daniel
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

China's Space Program: Options for U.S.-China Cooperation

Description: China has a determined, yet still modest, program of civilian space activities planned for the next decade. The potential for U.S.-China cooperation in space -- an issue of interest to Congress -- has become more controversial since the January 2007 Chinese anti-satellite test. Some argue that Chinese capabilities now threaten U.S. space assets in low earth orbit. Others stress the need to expand dialogue with China. This report outlines recent activities and future plans in China's civilian space sector. It also discusses benefits and trade-offs of possible U.S.-China collaboration in space, as well as several options to improve space relations, including information exchange, policy dialogue, and joint activities.
Date: May 21, 2008
Creator: Logan, Jeffrey
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Landsat and the Data Continuity Mission

Description: This report discusses the U.S. Landsat Mission, which has collected remotely sensed imagery of the Earth's surface for more than 35 years. The two satellites currently in orbit are operating beyond their designed life and may fail at any time. Most Landsat data is used by federal agencies. Efforts to commercialize Landsat operations have not been successful. This report discusses issues facing Congress regarding funding for new Landsat satellites.
Date: May 22, 2009
Creator: Behrens, Carl E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

National Security Space Launch at a Crossroads

Description: This report examines the history and current status of the EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle) program. The United States is in the midst of making significant changes in how best to pursue an acquisition strategy that would ensure continued access to space for national security missions. The current strategy for the EELV program dates from the 1990s and has since been revised a few times.
Date: May 13, 2016
Creator: Hildreth, Steven A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department