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Primary view of Wilderness: Overview and Statistics
Gorte, Ross W.
December 2, 1994
Primary view of Federal Land and Resource Management: A Primer
Gorte, Ross W.
December 22, 1998
Primary view of National Park System: Establishing New Units
Hardy-Vincent, Carol
April 16, 1999
Primary view of Federal Land Ownership: Constitutional Authority; the History of Acquisition, Disposal, and Retention; and Current Acquisition and Disposal Authorities
Gorte, Ross W. & Baldwin, Pamela
April 7, 1999
Primary view of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Hardy-Vincent, Carol
December 21, 1998
Primary view of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Corn, M. Lynne; Kumins, Lawrence C. & Baldwin, Pamela
September 5, 1996
Primary view of Grazing Fees: An Overview
Cody, Betsy A.
May 21, 1996
Primary view of Survey of Grazing Programs in Western States
Baldwin, Pamela & Cody, Betsy A.
January 30, 1996
Primary view of The National Trails System: An Overview
Johnson, Sandra L.
December 11, 1998
Primary view of National Wildlife Refuges: Places to Hunt?
Heck, Jennifer A.
July 28, 1992
Primary view of World Heritage Convention and U.S. National Parks
McHugh, Lois B
September 19, 1997
Primary view of Land and Water Conservation Fund: Current Funding
Gorte, Ross W.
September 13, 1995
Primary view of Utah Wilderness Legislation in the 104th Congress
Gorte, Ross W.
December 12, 1995
Primary view of Federal Land Management: Appeals and Litigation
Baldwin, Pamela
February 26, 1997
Primary view of Grazing Fees and Rangeland Management
Cody, Betsy A. & Baldwin, Pamela
December 4, 1998
Primary view of New World Gold Mine and Yellowstone National Park
Humphries, Marc
August 27, 1996
Primary view of Clearcutting in the National Forests
Backiel, Adela & Gorte, Ross W.
July 29, 1992
Primary view of Federal Recreational Fees: Demonstration Program
Mazaika, Rosemary
September 22, 1998
Primary view of Federal Timber Harvests: Implications for U.S. Timber Supply
Gorte, Ross W.
March 10, 1998
Primary view of The President's Forest/Roadless Area Initiative
Baldwin, Pamela
October 28, 1999
Primary view of Roadless Areas: The Administration's Moratorium
Gorte, Ross W
April 8, 1999
Primary view of Regional Haze: EPA's Proposal to Improve Visibility in National Parks and Wilderness Areas
McCarthy, James E.; Blodgett, John E.; Parker, Larry & Meltz, Robert
July 9, 1998
Primary view of Mining in National Parks and Wilderness Areas: Policy, Rules, Activity
Thompson, Duane A.
February 12, 1996
Primary view of Federal Sales of Natural Resources: Pricing and Allocation Mechanisms (1998)
Gorte, Ross W.
December 11, 1998