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Primary view of Where to Get Publications from The Executive and Independent Agencies: A Directory of Sources for Official Documents
Hays, Janet & Brudno, Deborah C.
January 21, 1997
Primary view of Census 2000: The Sampling Debate
Williams, Jennifer D.
April 27, 1998
Primary view of Fax-on-Demand Services Available from Federal Government Agencies
Richardson, Glenda
June 5, 1998
Primary view of Census 2000: Sampling as an Appropriations Issue in the 105th Congress
Williams, Jennifer D.
September 1, 1998
Primary view of The U.S. Population: A Factsheet
Williams, Jennifer D.
June 12, 1995
Primary view of Presidential Claims of Executive Privilege: History, Law, Practice and Recent Developments
Rosenberg, Morton
September 21, 1999
Primary view of Managing Secrecy: Security Classification Reform - The Government Secrecy Act Proposal
Relyea, Harold C.
July 8, 1998
Primary view of Toxics Release Inventory: Do Communities Have a Right to Know More?
Schierow, Linda-Jo
October 26, 1997
Primary view of Analysis of Ten Selected Science and Technology Policy Studies
Boesman, William C
September 4, 1997
Primary view of Floor Consideration of Conference Reports in the House
Saturno, James V.
February 19, 1999