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Primary view of Food Stamps: 1982 Legislation
Richardson, Joe
January 10, 1983
Primary view of Chronology and Brief Description of Federal Food Assistance Legislation, 1935-1983
Jones, Jean Yavis
June 25, 1984
Primary view of Artificial Sweeteners
Taylor, Sarah E
July 12, 1985
Primary view of How the Food Stamp Program Works
Richardson, Joe
October 7, 1982
Primary view of Ethiopian Food Situation: International Response
Barnes, Lafayette
June 28, 1985
Primary view of Aspartame: An Artificial Sweetener
Porter, Donna V
March 23, 1984
Primary view of Primer on P.L. 480 -- Program History, Description, and Operations: A Brief Compilation of Explanatory Documents
Epstein, Susan B.
November 13, 1984
Primary view of African Famine: U.S. Response
Hanrahan, Charles E.; Copson, Raymond W.; Epstein, Susan B.; Kenworthy, Holly & Nowels, Larry
June 27, 1985
Primary view of Infant Formula: National Problems
Porter, Donna V.
April 27, 1984
Primary view of Cash and Non-Cash Benefits for Persons with Limited Income: Eligibility Rules, Recipient and Expenditure Data, FY1981-83
Burke, Vee
June 18, 1984
Primary view of Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages: Should a Radio and TV Ban be Imposed?
Mulock, Bruce K.
July 26, 1985