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Primary view of Trade and Current Account Balances: Statistics
Harrison, Glennon J
April 29, 1988
Primary view of Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Japan as Number One
Jackson, James K.
August 2, 1993
Primary view of Mixing Banking and Commerce Using Federal Deposit Insurance: Industrial Banks and Nonbank Banks
Jackson, William D.
August 26, 1993
Primary view of A Reappraisal of Foreign Investment Policy
Reifman, Alfred
February 8, 1994
Primary view of Saving Rates: An International Comparison
Cashell, Brian W.
February 10, 1994
Primary view of International Financial Institutions and Environment: Multilateral Development Banks and the Global Environment Facility
Fletcher, Susan R. & Cody, Betsy A.
February 25, 1994
Primary view of Fair Trade in Financial Services: Legislation and the GATT
Jackson, William D.
March 10, 1994
Primary view of The Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate
Jackson, James K.
August 9, 1994
Primary view of Japanese and U.S. Economic Involvement in Asia and the Pacific: Comparative Data and Analysis
Cronin, Richard P
September 27, 1994
Primary view of Capital Gains and Securities Transactions Taxation in Japan: Fact Sheet
Esenwein, Gregg A. & Winters, Philip D.
October 17, 1994
Primary view of Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Staging a Comeback?
Jackson, James K.
January 4, 1995
Primary view of The Exchange-Rate System: Return to Bretton Woods?
Reifman, Alfred
January 12, 1995
Primary view of Financial Services Trade with Japan
Nanto, Dick K.
March 24, 1995
Primary view of Cost-Benefit Analysis: Issues in Its Use in Regulation
Moore, John L.
June 28, 1995
Primary view of Japanese Trade Balance and Exchange Rate: Seeing Through the Numbers
Elwell, Craig K.
August 3, 1995
Primary view of Japan's Banking Crisis: Causes and Probable Effects
Nanto, Dick K.
October 6, 1995
Primary view of The Daiwa Bank Problems: Background and Policy Issues
Nanto, Dick K.; Jackson, William D. & Wells, F. Jean
November 30, 1995
Primary view of The Federal Reserve's Arrangement for Emergency Loans to Japanese Banks
Nanto, Dick K.
December 27, 1995
Primary view of World Bank Lending to China
Sanford, Jonathan E.
April 25, 1996
Primary view of Effects of Flat Taxes and Other Proposals on Housing: An Overview
Gravelle, Jane G.
June 17, 1996
Primary view of Taxes to Finance Superfund
Lazzari, Salvatore
September 13, 1996
Primary view of The Role of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Environmental Protection
Schierow, Linda-Jo
December 13, 1996
Primary view of The Abandoned Mine Land Fund: Grants Distribution and Issues
Bamberger, Robert L.
March 26, 1997
Primary view of Environmental Protection: How Much it Costs and Who Pays
Blodgett, John E.
April 16, 1997