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Primary view of Medicare: Financing the Part A Hospital Insurance Program
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
May 5, 1998
Primary view of Forest Roads: Construction and Financing
Gorte, Ross W.
July 16, 1997
Primary view of Saving Rates: An International Comparison
Cashell, Brian W.
February 10, 1994
Primary view of Mixing Banking and Commerce Using Federal Deposit Insurance: Industrial Banks and Nonbank Banks
Jackson, William D.
August 26, 1993
Primary view of Managing Farm Risk in a New Policy Era
Chite, Ralph M. & Jickling, Mark
January 22, 1999
Primary view of Multiple-Group Federal Credit Unions: An Update
Smale, Pauline
May 6, 1998
Primary view of One Million Personal Bankruptcies a Year: Economic Implications and Policy Options
Jickling, Mark
May 14, 1998
Primary view of The Federal Debt: Who Bears Its Burdens?
Cox, William A
December 9, 1999
Primary view of Fair Trade in Financial Services: Legislation and the GATT
Jackson, William D.
March 10, 1994
Primary view of Out-of-State Money in the Congressional Elections of 1992, 1994, and 1996: Trends and Policy Issues
Cantor, Joseph E.
September 26, 1997
Primary view of The Daiwa Bank Problems: Background and Policy Issues
Nanto, Dick K.; Jackson, William D. & Wells, F. Jean
November 30, 1995
Primary view of Environmental Protection: How Much it Costs and Who Pays
Blodgett, John E.
April 16, 1997
Primary view of Social Security Financing Reform: Lessons from the 1983 Amendments
Koitz, David Stuart
July 24, 1997
Primary view of The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Proposed Quota Increase: Issues for Congress
Wertman, Patricia A
January 16, 1998
Primary view of ISTEA Reauthorization: Highway Related Legislative Proposals in the 105th Congress
Fischer, John W
October 23, 1997
Primary view of World Bank Lending to China
Sanford, Jonathan E.
April 25, 1996
Primary view of The Exchange-Rate System: Return to Bretton Woods?
Reifman, Alfred
January 12, 1995
Primary view of A Reappraisal of Foreign Investment Policy
Reifman, Alfred
February 8, 1994
Primary view of Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Japan as Number One
Jackson, James K.
August 2, 1993
Primary view of Private Mortgage Insurance: Cancellation Options
Foote, Bruce E
December 17, 1997
Primary view of Social Security: The Relationship of Taxes and Benefits for Past, Present, and Future Retirees
Kollmann, Geoffrey
May 12, 1998
Primary view of China and the Multilateral Development Banks
Sanford, Jonathan E.
October 31, 1997
Primary view of Japan's Banking Crisis: Causes and Probable Effects
Nanto, Dick K.
October 6, 1995
Primary view of Natural Resources: Assessing Nonmarket Values through Contingent Valuation
Breedlove, Joseph & Gorte, Ross W.
June 21, 1999