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Primary view of Congressional Action to Overturn Agency Rules: Alternatives to the "Legislative Veto"
Kaiser, Frederick M.
September 24, 1979
Primary view of Congressional Veto of Executive Actions
Nicola, Thomas J. & Norton, Clark F.
November 5, 1982
Primary view of Small Business and the 97th Congress
Scott, Oscar
December 6, 1982
Primary view of Summaries of Federal Environmental Laws Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency
Library of Congress. Environment and Natural Resources Policy Division.
March 1, 1984
Primary view of Report on the Implementation of the Grace Commission Recommendations
United States. Office of Cabinet Affairs.
July 18, 1984
Primary view of The Trade and Development Agency
Epstein, Susan B.
August 5, 1993
Primary view of Selected Interior and Related Agencies Budget Requests for I T 1995
Greenwood, Alfred R.
April 7, 1994
Primary view of Below-Cost Timber Sales: An Overview
Gorte, Ross W.
December 20, 1994
Primary view of A Department of Science and Technology: A Recurring Theme
Boesman, William C
February 3, 1995
Primary view of Summaries of Major Laws Implemented by the National Marine Fisheries Service
Buck, Eugene H.
March 24, 1995
Primary view of The U.S. Bureau of Mines Funding - FY1996
Thompson, Duane A.
August 30, 1995
Primary view of Department of Energy Abolition? Implications for the Nuclear Weapons Program
Medalia, Jonathan
September 29, 1995
Primary view of Forest Service Timber Sale Practices and Procedures: Analysis of Alternative Systems
Gorte, Ross W.
October 30, 1995
Primary view of Environmental Protection Agency FY1996 Appropriations: Analyses of House-Passed Riders
Lee, Martin R.; Copeland, Claudia; Mayer, Susan L.; McCarthy, James E.; Schierow, Linda-Jo; Tiemann, Mary et al.
November 3, 1995
Primary view of The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management: History and Analysis of Merger Proposals
Gorte, Ross W. & Cody, Betsy A.
November 7, 1995
Primary view of "Orderly Closure" of the Bureau of Mines: FY 1996 Funding
Thompson, Duane A.
January 31, 1996
Primary view of The Department of Energy's FY1996 Budget
Humphries, Marc
February 8, 1996
Primary view of Transportation and the FY1997 Budget
Fischer, John W
October 4, 1996
Primary view of FY1997 USDA Budget: Food and Nutrition Programs
Jones, Jean Yavis
October 28, 1996
Primary view of The U.S. Department of Agriculture: Appropriations for FY1997
Chite, Ralph M.; Zinn, Jeffrey A.; Hanrahan, Charles E.; Jones, Jean Yavis; Osbourn, Sandra S.; Rawson, Jean M. et al.
November 12, 1996
Primary view of Appropriations for FY1997: VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies
Vanhorenbeck, Susan M.
November 20, 1996
Primary view of DOE Laboratory Restructuring Legislation
Boesman, William C
December 4, 1996
Primary view of Executive Branch Reorganization
Relyea, Harold C.
December 6, 1996
Primary view of Privatizing the United States Enrichment Corporation
Humphries, Marc
January 21, 1997