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Primary view of The Current Palestinian Uprising: Al-Aqsa Intifadah
Ruebner, Joshua; Mark, Clyde R.; Katzman, Kenneth & Prados, Alfred B.
January 5, 2001
Primary view of Terrorist Attack on USS Cole: Background and Issues for Congress
Perl, Raphael F. & O'Rourke, Ronald
January 30, 2001
Primary view of Victims' Rights Amendment in the 106th Congress: Overview of Suggestions to Amend the Constitution
Doyle, Charles
January 12, 2001
Primary view of Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes: An Overview of Legislation in the 106th Congress
Doyle, Charles
January 11, 2001
Primary view of Operation Enduring Freedom: Foreign Pledges of Military and Intelligence Support
Gerleman, David J.; Stevens, Jennifer E. & Hildreth, Steven A.
October 17, 2001
Primary view of Jonathan Pollard: Background and Considerations for Presidential Clemency
Best, Richard A., Jr. & Mark, Clyde R.
January 31, 2001
Primary view of Agroterrorism: Options in Congress
Segarra, Alejandro E
December 19, 2001
Primary view of Terrorism Funding: FY2002 Appropriations Bills
Nowels, Larry
October 25, 2001
Primary view of CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support Program)
Gerleman, David J. & Hildreth, Steven A.
December 21, 2001
Primary view of Cyberwarfare
Hildreth, Steven A
June 19, 2001
Primary view of Terrorism Risk Insurance: A Summary of Legislative Proposals
King, Rawle O
December 7, 2001
Primary view of DNA Evidence: Legislative Initiatives in the 106th Congress
Fischer, Eric A
January 26, 2001
Primary view of Trying Terrorists as War Criminals
Elsea, Jennifer K.
November 28, 2001
Primary view of Trying Terrorists as War Criminals
Elsea, Jennifer K.
October 29, 2001
Primary view of Latin America: Terrorism Issues and Implications for U.S. Policy
Sullivan, Mark P.
October 13, 2001
Primary view of Violence Against Women Act: History, Federal Funding, and Reauthorizing Legislation
Siskin, Alison
October 12, 2001
Primary view of "Terrorism" and Related Terms in Statute and Regulation: Selected Language
Martin, Elizabeth
September 26, 2001
Primary view of Terrorism: Some Legal Restrictions on Military Assistance to Domestic Authorities Following a Terrorist Attack
Doyle, Charles
September 14, 2001
Primary view of Crime Control: The Federal Response
Teasley, David
January 24, 2001
Primary view of Welfare Law and Domestic Violence
Cooke, Jacqueline & Burke, Vee
May 16, 2001
Primary view of Trafficking in Women and Children: The U.S. and International Response
Miko, Francis T. & Park, Grace (Jea-Hyun)
August 1, 2001
Primary view of China's Relations with Central Asian States and Problems with Terrorism
McNeal, Dewardric L
December 17, 2001
Primary view of Race-Based Civil Dentention for Security Purposes
Elsea, Jennifer K.
October 4, 2001
Primary view of Terrorism, the Future, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Perl, Raphael F.
September 13, 2001