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Primary view of The Operation of Congress: A Selected Bibliography
Oleszek, Walter J.
June 26, 1970
Primary view of The United States Congress: Selected References, 1965 to April 1971
Loo, Shirley & Sittig, William J.
May 10, 1971
Primary view of Environmental Affairs in the 91st Congress, 1st Session
Congressional Research Service. Environmental Policy Division
May 16, 1970
Primary view of Electric Power, Fuels Development, and Protection of the Environment: Legislation Introduced in the 91st Congress
Bowman, Wallace D.
April 24, 1970
Primary view of Digest of Selected Agricultural Legislation: 91st Congress
Sherman, Harvey R.
May 5, 1970
Primary view of Environmental Law: Selected Bills Introduced in the 91st Congress
Bowman, Wallace D.
May 7, 1970
Primary view of Congressional Information Processes for Coordinated National Policies
Beckman, Norman
December 18, 1970
Primary view of The Federal Budget Process, With Particular Reference to Congress' Role: A Selected Bibliography, 1910-1971
Brite, George K.
July 28, 1971
Primary view of Comparison of Public Service Employment Provisions in the Emergency Employment Act of 1971 (P.L. 92-54), the Vetoed Employment and Manpower Act (s. 3867, 91st Congress), and the Proposed Social Security Amendments of 1971 (H. R. 1, 92nd Congress)
Bolle, Mary Jane
July 27, 1971
Primary view of The Seniority System: Pros, Cons, and Suggested Reforms
Oleszek, Walter J.
May 27, 1970
Primary view of The Franking Privilege of Members of Congress
Yadlosky, Elizabeth
January 11, 1971
Primary view of Congressional Action to Overturn Agency Rules: Alternatives to the "Legislative Veto"
Kaiser, Frederick M.
September 24, 1979
Primary view of Nursing Homes and the Congress: A Brief History of Developments and Issues
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
November 1, 1972
Primary view of The National Commitments Resolution of 1969: Background and Issues
Collier, Ellen C.
May 11, 1970