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Primary view of Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Programs: Reauthorization Issues
Riddle, Wayne C
May 13, 1988
Primary view of Parental Leave: Legislation in the 100th Congress
Gladstone, Leslie W.
October 1, 1987
Primary view of Teenage Sexual Activity and Childbearing: An Analysis of the Relationships of Behavior to Family and Personal Background
Griffith, Jeanne E.
July 9, 1987
Primary view of Legal Right of Minors to Obtain Contraceptives
Reimer, Rita Ann
September 24, 1986
Primary view of Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages: Should a Radio and TV Ban be Imposed?
Mulock, Bruce K.
July 26, 1985
Primary view of Infant Formula: National Problems
Porter, Donna V.
April 27, 1984
Primary view of Handicapped Infants: The Final Section 504 Regulation and Legislative Proposals
Smith, Mary F.
February 8, 1984
Primary view of Article Packet: Background Information on Seatbelts in School Buses
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
October 17, 1983
Primary view of Parental Notification for Family Planning Services: Title X Regulations
Bailey, Susan
May 18, 1983