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Primary view of A Brief Introduction to the Federal Budget Process
Keith, Robert
October 20, 1997
Primary view of The Department of Energy's FY1998 Budget
Humphries, Marc
November 7, 1997
Primary view of FY1998 USDA Budget and Appropriations: Domestic Food Programs
Jones, Jean Yavis
November 18, 1997
Primary view of Fiscal Year 1998 Continuing Resolutions
Streeter, Sandy
December 1, 1997
Primary view of The Department of Energy FY1998 Research and Development Budget and Issues
Rowberg, Richard E
December 3, 1997
Primary view of State Department and Related Agencies FY1998 Appropriations
Epstein, Susan B.
December 10, 1997
Primary view of Research and Development Funding: Fiscal Year 1998
Davey, Michael E
December 17, 1997
Primary view of Appropriations for FY1998: Interior and Related Agencies
Greenwood, Alfred R.
December 24, 1997
Primary view of Environmental Protection Agency: FY1998 Budget
Lee, Martin R.
January 12, 1998
Primary view of The Entitlements Debate
Koitz, David Stuart
January 28, 1998
Primary view of The Budget Enforcement Act: Its Operation Under a Budget Surplus
Saturno, James V.
February 11, 1998
Primary view of Line Item Vetoes in the 105th Congress, First Session: A Finding Aid
Anderson, J. Michael & Jimenez, Rita
February 13, 1998
Primary view of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP): Status and Issues
Zinn, Jeffrey A.
March 2, 1998
Primary view of Cancer Research: Selected Federal Spending and Morbidity and Mortality Statistics
Johnson, Judith A.
March 3, 1998
Primary view of ISTEA Reauthorization: Highway and Transit Legislative Proposals in the 105th Congress, 2nd Session
Fischer, John W
March 6, 1998
Primary view of Functional Categories of the Federal Budget
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
March 23, 1998
Primary view of AIDS Funding for Federal Government Programs: FY1981-FY1999
Johnson, Judith A.
March 31, 1998
Primary view of Transportation Trust Funds: Budgetary Treatment
Fischer, John W
April 6, 1998
Primary view of The Spending Pipeline: Stages of Federal Spending
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
April 23, 1998
Primary view of U.N Funding, Payment of Arrears and Linkage to Reform: Legislation in the 105th Congress
Bite, Vita; Browne, Marjorie Ann & McHugh, Lois B.
April 24, 1998
Primary view of Basic Federal Budgeting Terminology
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
April 27, 1998
Primary view of Supplemental Appropriations and Rescissions for FY1998
Nowels, Larry
May 4, 1998
Primary view of Social Security and the Federal Budget: What Does Social Security's Being "Off Budget" Mean?
Koitz, David Stuart
May 5, 1998
Primary view of Debt-Limit Legislation in the Congressional Budget Process
Heniff, Bill, Jr.
May 8, 1998