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Primary view of U.S. Energy: Overview and Key Statistics
Behrens, Carl E. & Glover, Carol
April 4, 2011
Primary view of Is Biopower Carbon Neutral?
Bracmort, Kelsi
February 4, 2016
Primary view of Energy Tax Policy: Issues in the 113th Congress
Sherlock, Molly F.
September 4, 2013
Primary view of Tesla's Home Battery--An Electricity Storage Breakthrough?
Campbell, Richard J. & Parfomak, Paul W.
May 4, 2015
Primary view of U.S. Oil Imports and Exports
Nerurkar, Neelesh
April 4, 2012
Primary view of Energy Projects on Federal Lands: Leasing and Authorization
Vann, Adam
May 4, 2011
Primary view of Prospects for Coal in Electric Power and Industry
Campbell, Richard J.; Folger, Peter & Brown, Phillip
February 4, 2013
Primary view of Hydraulic Fracturing: Chemical Disclosure Requirements
Murrill, Brandon J. & Vann, Adam
April 4, 2012
Primary view of Alternative Fuels and Advanced Technology Vehicles: Issues in Congress
Yacobucci, Brent D.
April 4, 2013
Primary view of Nuclear Cooperation with Other Countries: A Primer
Kerr, Paul K. & Nikitin, Mary Beth
January 4, 2010
Primary view of Israel's Offshore Natural Gas Discoveries Enhance Its Economic and Energy Outlook
Ratner, Michael
May 4, 2011
Primary view of Fukushima Nuclear Crisis
Campbell, Richard J. & Holt, Mark
April 4, 2011