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Federally Supported Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Programs
This report provides background information on the types of water supply and wastewater treatment projects traditionally funded by the federal government and the several existing programs to assist communities with water supply and wastewater recycling and treatment.
Women in the United States Congress: 1917-2003
This report identifies the names, committee assignments, dates of service, and (for Representatives) districts of the 219 women Members of Congress.
The Gender Wage Gap and Pay Equity: Is Comparable Worth the Next Step?
No Description Available.
Violence Against Women Office: Background and Current Issues
This report discusses issues regarding the Violence Against Women Office (VAWO), which was created in 1995 to address legal and policy issues concerning violence against women.
Violence Against Women Act: History, Federal Funding, and Reauthorizing Legislation
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Pay Equity Legislation in the 108th Congress
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