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Primary view of Access to Medical Records Under Federal Law
unknown creator
August 3, 1993
Primary view of Air Quality: Impacts of Trip Reduction Programs on States and Affected Employers
Flechtner, Maura K. & Mayer, Susan L.
August 18, 1993
Primary view of APEC - Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: Free Trade and Other Issues
Nanto, Dick K.
November 10, 1993
Primary view of Aquaculture and the Federal Role
Buck, Eugene H. & Becker, Geoffrey S.
September 9, 1993
Primary view of Asia's Reaction to NAFTA
Hamilton, Nancy J
June 30, 1993
Primary view of Background to the Overthrow of President Aristide
Taft-Morales, Maureen
October 22, 1993
Primary view of Biotechnology, Indigenous Peoples, and Intellectual Property Rights
Axt, Josephie R.; Corn, M. Lynne; Lee, Margaret Mikyung & Ackerman, David M.
April 16, 1993
Primary view of Campaign Finance Reform: Comparison of Current Law with H.R. 3 and S. 3, As Passed by the House and Senate in the 103d Congress
unknown creator
December 29, 1993
Primary view of China in Transition: Changing Conditions and Implications for U.S. Interests
Sutter, Robert G.; Kan, Shirley A. & Dumbaugh, Kerry
December 20, 1993
Primary view of China's Most-Favored-Nation Status: U.S. Wheat Exports
Ek, Carl & Epstein, Susan B.
June 1, 1993
Primary view of Chinese Missile and Nuclear Proliferation: Issues for Congress
Kan, Shirley A.
October 20, 1993
Primary view of Conventional Arms Transfers to the Third World,1985-1992
unknown creator
July 19, 1993
Primary view of The Delaney Dilemma: Regulating Pesticide Residues in Foods -- Seminar Proceedings, March 16, 1993
Vogt, Donna U
May 19, 1993
Primary view of A Directory of Some Interest Groups and Governmental Organizations Concerned With National Environmental Policies
Schierow, Linda-Jo
September 21, 1993
Primary view of Ecosystems, Biomes, and Watersheds: Definitions and Use
Corn, M. Lynne
July 14, 1993
Primary view of The EC's Government Procurement Directive : Has "Fortress Europe" Arrived?
unknown creator
April 9, 1993
Primary view of The Endangered Species Act and Private Property
Meltz, Robert
March 7, 1993
Primary view of Ethanol and Clean Air: The "Reg-Neg" Controversy and Subsequent Events
Segal, Migdon
June 22, 1993
Primary view of Excise Tax Financing of Federal Trust Funds
Noto, Nonna A. & Talley, Louis Alan
January 5, 1993
Primary view of The Executive Office of the President: An Historical Overview
unknown creator
November 9, 1993
Primary view of Foreign Assistance and Commercial Interests: The Aid for Trade Debate
Tarnoff, Curt & Nowels, Larry
May 24, 1993
Primary view of Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Japan as Number One
Jackson, James K.
August 2, 1993
Primary view of Global Climate Change
Justus, John R. & Morrissey, Wayne A.
May 10, 1993
Primary view of Health Care Fact Sheet: International Health Spending
Rimkunas, Richard
November 15, 1993