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The Computational Resource for South Asian Languages (CoRSAL) is a digital archive for source audio, video, and text on the minority languages of South Asia. The archive also includes derivatives of source files such as databases, wordlists, dictionaries, grammars, and analytic aids. The CoRSAL mission is to provide a stable archive for the deposit of such materials. The CoRSAL team provides training in data management to assist with data preparation for archiving, including file naming and metadata creation. Recognizing that uploading files can be a challenge in South Asia due to varying internet speeds, CoRSAL works with the UNT (University of North Texas) Digital Library to upload deposits to the CoRSAL archive.

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The CoRSAL collection is an umbrella collection that provides a central point of access to sub-collections of language resources collected and contributed by research, scholars, and community members from around the world. These deposits are usually centered around a language, language family, or research project. They are often organized into their own collections in the UNT Digital Library. For convenience, and cross-collection searching, the items from these collections are also available through this CoRSAL collection.

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