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Primary view of Emeritus Faculty and Student Recital: 2012-04-15 - Dan Haerle, piano and Jisun Choi, piano
Haerle, Dan & Choi, Jisun
April 15, 2012
Primary view of Faculty and Student Recital: 2013-03-31 - Duo Piano Music of Richie Beirach (b. 1947)
Karlsson, Stefan & Frei, Addison
March 31, 2013
Primary view of Faculty and Student Recital: 2014-09-08 - Fanfares, Marches, and Other Literature for Brass Choir
UNT Teaching Fellow Brass Choir
September 8, 2013
Primary view of Faculty Recital: 2003-03-02 - Jazz Piano Duo Concert
Karlsson, Stefan & Shah, Neil
March 2, 2003
Primary view of Student and Faculty Recital: 2012-03-13 Viva Celli
Viva Celli
March 13, 2012