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Burushaski Case Marking, Agreement and Implications: an Analysis of the Hunza Dialect

Description: This thesis was written to explore the structural case patterns of the Burushaski sentence and to examine the different participant coding systems which appear between noun marking and verb agreement. Verb suffixes follow nominative alignment patterns of agreement, while the verb prefix agrees with the affected argument as determined by semantic relations, as opposed to syntactic ones. The agent noun phrase is directly marked when highly active or volitional, suggesting a system of agent markin… more
Date: December 2012
Creator: Smith, Alexander
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Conversation about smoking

Description: Recording of Raja Safdar Ali Khan and Jamsheed Ali discussing smoking in the Srinagar dialect of Burushaski.
Date: 2004
Duration: 56 minutes 37 seconds
Creator: Munshi, Sadaf
Partner: UNT College of Information

Conversation about the history of music

Description: Recording of Ali Murad Khan discussing the history of local music. In this recording, which is in the Yasin dialect of Burushaski, Khan talks about the life of musicians.
Date: June 19, 2010
Duration: 3 minutes 21 seconds
Creator: Munshi, Sadaf
Partner: UNT College of Information
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