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Story of Maghlot and Girkits by Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan

Description: Recording of Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan reciting "Maghlot ke Girkits" ('weasel and rat') in the Srinagar dialect. In this popular story two boys are born conjoined, and are separated by a knife. The two brothers are raised by two separate clans, always meeting in constant contention with each other, giving them the nicknames Maghlot ('weasel') and Girkits ('rat') for their physical and behavioral traits. Knowing the brothers would create instability, the king separates the kingdom into two halves, creating the divide between the Hunza and the Nagar people.
Date: June 14, 2014
Creator: Khan, Raja Jamsheed Ali
Partner: UNT College of Information

Story of the Fox and the Rooster

Description: Recording of Raja Safdar Ali Khan reciting "the Fox and the Rooster," in the Srinagar dialect. This popular story tells of a hungry fox and a boastful rooster, and advises children to be wary of how they speak and act.
Date: June 2004
Creator: Khan, Raja Safdar Ali
Partner: UNT College of Information