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About the Project

The materials in this collection are the outcome of a project directed by Sadaf Munshi, PhD. The project was primarily funded by the National Science Foundation’s Documentation of Endangered Languages Program.

About the Digital Collection

The collection comprises recordings made by Dr. Sadaf Munshi and her research team of oral literature from different, significantly threatened, regional varieties of the Burushaski spoken in Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin valleys in Pakistan and Srinagar in India. The digital collection currently features audio and video recordings of texts and pedagogical materials; digitized copies of fieldwork notes and transcription, translation, and analyses of selected texts; and photographs documenting fieldwork and other events. The texts are in different genres, such as children's stories and mythical legends, historical accounts, personal narratives, natural conversations, poems and songs, proverbial expressions, recipes for food, discussions on events or items of cultural importance, and discussions on linguistic data. Pedagogical materials include basic greetings and word lists such as numerals, body parts, kinship terms, color terms, birds, animals, fruits and vegetables, leather and wooden objects, weather terms, etc.

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