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Primary view of Rural planning : the social aspects.
Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874
May 1923
Primary view of Russian wild-rye.
Rogler, George A. (George Albert), 1913-
October 1951
Primary view of What tractors and horses do on Corn-Belt farms.
Reynoldson, L. A. (Le Roy August), b. 1886. & Tolley, H. R. (Howard Ross), 1889-1958.
Primary view of Control of brown-rot of prunes and cherries in the Pacific Northwest.
Fisher, D. F. & Brooks, Charles, 1872-
March 1924
Primary view of Apple-orchard renovation.
Gould, H. P.
Primary view of Care and improvement of the farm woods.
Tillotson, C. R. (Claude Raymond), 1883-
March 1922
Primary view of The bulk handling of grain : with special reference to the Pacific Coast states.
Bates, E. N. (Erastus Newton), 1879- & Rush, A. L. (Albert Levi), 1870-
October 1922
Primary view of Insect and fungous enemies of the grape.
Quaintance, A. L. (Altus Lacy), 1870-1958 & Shear, C. L. (Cornelius Lott), 1865-1956.
Primary view of A rounded-corner hutch for rabbits.
Templeton, George S. (George Streator), 1887-
October 1954
Primary view of Varieties of hard red winter wheat.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Quisenberry, Karl S.
June 1929
Primary view of Hog-lot equipment.
Russell, E. Z. (Ellsworth Zouave), 1866- & Buckley, S. S. (Samuel Sutherland), 1873-
June 1940
Primary view of Protection of buildings and farm property from lightning.
Covert, Roy N.; Harrison, Louis P. & Garver, H. L. (Harry L.), 1891-
June 1950
Primary view of Farm practices under corn-borer conditions.
Tapp, Jesse W. (Jesse Washington), 1898-; Collier, George W., 1897- & Arnold, C. R. (Carl R.), 1891-
January 1928
Primary view of Propagation of trees and shrubs.
Yerkes, Guy E. (Guy Eston), 1880-
Primary view of Poultry houses and fixtures.
Jull, Morley A. (Morley Allan), 1885-1959 & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887.
Primary view of Farm poultry raising.
Bird, H. R. (Herbert Roderick), 1912- & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887.
Primary view of Idle land and costly timber.
Greeley, William Buckhout, 1879-
Primary view of Preventing damage by Lyctus powder-post beetles.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
February 1938
Primary view of Homes for birds
Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884- & McAtee, W. L. (Waldo Lee), 1883-1962.
Primary view of Soybeans : culture and varieties.
Morse, W. J. (William Joseph), b. 1884.; Cartter, J. L. (Jackson Leaphart), 1902- & Williams, L. F. (Leonard Freeman), 1909-
August 1949
Primary view of Farm budgeting.
Hutson, John B., b. 1890
Primary view of Game laws for the season 1924-25 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
Lawyer, Geo. A. (George A.) & Earnshaw, Frank L.
August 1924
Primary view of Rural planning : the village.
Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874
Primary view of Cow-testing associations, and stories the records tell.
McDowell, J. C. (John Chambers), 1867-1943.
June 1925