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[Official Presidential Portrait of Barack H. Obama]
Portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama posing in front of the U.S. flag and the Presidential flag. He is wearing a blue necktie with red and white stripes, and has a U.S. flag pin on his jacket lapel.
[Official Vice Presidential portrait of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., 47th Vice President]
Portrait photograph of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden. The U.S. flag and the Vice Presidential Flag are seen in the background. The Vice President wears a red necktie, and a U.S. flag pin on his jacket lapel.
Rethinking the role of nuclear weapons.
Discusses the changing role of nuclear weapons in the post-Cold-War era in the United States.
French-Indian interaction at an 18th century frontier post : the Roseborough Lake Site, Bowie County, Texas.
A report on archaeological excavations at the Roseborough Lake Site, conducted with the help of Field School students at North Texas State University in 1976. The research explored the life of the villages in the vicinity of the site at the time of early European contact.
NLRB, the first 50 years : the story of the National Labor Relations Board, 1935-1985.
Describes the history of U.S. labor policy and the activities of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board during its first 50 years, from 1935 to 1985.
Pickaxe and pencil : references for the study of the WPA.
A bibliography of books, articles, and doctoral dissertations about the WPA, a U.S. government agency which provided work relief programs during 1935-1942. Includes references to materials published at the time of the WPA program as well as more recent publications.
Visiting people on a dairy farm.
Describes life on a dairy farm through the eyes of one Maryland family, the Schwartzbecks.
A treasure hunt.
An illustrated children's book which tells the story of a neighborhood treasure hunt designed to encourage children to learn about the active daily lives of elderly people in their community.
Clinical anatomy of the European hamster, Cricetus cricetus, L.
This handbook outlines the external and internal anatomy of the European hamster, including "clinically relevant systems such as the respiratory system" (p. iii). It also includes a diagram of the normal distribution of hamsters throughout Germany. The index begins on page 211.
Commercial rabbit raising.
A guide to raising rabbits commercially, for production of meat, fur, and wool.
Leather shoes : selection and care.
Describes the different types and uses of leathers typically used in shoes. Provides advice for selecting and caring for shoes.
The cherry blossoms, Washington DC
A brochure and map describing the history and locations of Japanese cherry trees in Washington, D.C.
Making land produce useful wildlife.
Discusses the benefits of biological balance on ranches and farms. Describes ways to allow wildlife to flourish for the purposes of hunting, trapping, fishing and other recreation.
Varieties of alfalfa.
Provides brief descriptions of numerous varieties of alfalfa grown in the United States, and their distinct characteristics.
Legume inoculation: what it is, what it does.
Describes the methods and effects of inoculation through introducing legume bacteria into soil.
Books for children: a guide for parents.
Briefly outlines the benefits of books for children. Provides instructions for making a picture book and writing a story for children.
Welcome to the cherry blossoms.
A brochure describing the history and locations of cherry trees in Washington, D.C.
Equipment for clearing brush from land.
Describes various types of farm equipment used to clear brush. Provides indications for use depending on the size of the land to be cleared.
Planning the farm for profit and stability.
Discusses the benefits of farm planning for saving labor, conserving soil, and landscaping for enjoyment, and increasing profitability and stability of the farm.
Getting started in farming.
Describes various ideas a farmer should consider when starting a new farm.
The church and agricultural progress.
Describes the role of agriculture in the United States from a Christian perspective.
Home tanning of leather and small fur skins.
Describes the process for tanning hides and skins for leather and fur.
Bamboo in the United States : description, culture, and utilization.
Describes the different varieties of bamboo and how to cultivate them. Provides information on insect pests and preparing bamboo for market. Discusses ways in which bamboo can be used on the farm, in the home, and for manufactured products.
Facts about wind erosion and dust storms on the Great Plains.
Describes the history and conditions of drought, wind erosion, and dust storms in the Great Plains; discusses long-range conservation programs and emergency measures.
Grass waterways in soil conservation.
Describes how to establish grass-protected waterways on farm fields to prevent soil erosion.
Home storage of vegetables and fruits
Describes what facilities should be used in storing fruits and vegetables at home.
Growing rye.
Discusses the adaptation of rye, types and varieties of rye, and the practical uses of rye.
Cattle walkways: an aid to coastal marsh range conservation.
Describes how building high, firm walkways for cattle in coastal regions of the United States allows cattle to graze in multiple ranges despite marshy land.
Irrigating corn in humid regions.
Describes the most effective methods of and times for irrigating corn crops in humid regions of the United States.
Managing farm fields, wetlands, and waters for wild ducks in the South.
Provides instructions for establishing ponds and marshes in order to attract wild ducks to farmlands. Discusses the recreational benefits of watching and hunting ducks.
Powder-post beetles in buildings : what to do about them.
Describes different types of powder-post beetles, their life cycles, the damage they can cause to various types of wood, and methods for their control.
Hard red spring and durum wheats : culture and varieties.
Describes the location, importance, and varieties of durum and hard red spring wheat; also lists the different diseases, insects, and weeds that adversely affect wheat.
Care and management of dairy cows.
A guide to dairy farming, including advice for feeding, milking, housing, cleaning, and other aspects of cow-raising.
Culture of oats in the western states.
Describes the different areas of the United States where oats are grown, how to prepare the soil, and how to effectively plant and harvest oats.
Filters and screens for irrigation wells.
Describes the purpose of having filters and screens as part of an irrigation system, and how to properly select and install them.
Selling black walnut timber.
A guide to grading and selling black walnut logs for lumber.
Growing the Jerusalem artichoke.
Describes the growth of Jerusalem artichokes in different areas of the United States. Provides suggestions for planting and harvesting.
Algae in water supplies: an illustrated manual on the identification, significance, and control of algae in water supplies.
A manual designed to help "water analysts and others who deal with the many problems and effects associated with the presence of algae in water supplies."
Clean milk production.
An overview of methods and equipment recommended for producing milk that is free of foreign matter or bacteria.
Control of common white grubs in cereal and forage crops.
Discusses the life cycle of the may beetle and its larva (the white grub), its effect on crops, and methods of control.
Hose pump for applying fertilizer solutions.
Describes methods for fertilizing crops with liquid fertilizer; provides calculations and tables for fertilizer measurements.
Land slugs and snails and their control.
Describes the characteristics of slugs and snails, the damage they can cause to plants, and methods of control.
Pepper production, disease and insect control.
Describes pepper varieties, pepper culture, marketing methods, and methods of disease and pest control.
Cattle warts.
A description of the virus that causes cattle warts, and methods of control.
Commercial production of greenhouse tomatoes.
Explains how to successfully grow tomatoes in a greenhouse environment.
Irrigation of field corn in the West.
Describes recommended methods for irrigating corn in arid and semiarid regions.
Demodectic mange in cattle.
Describes demodectic mange, its causes, how it is recognized on cattle, and what can be done to control the disease.
Soil-conserving tillage systems for corn.
Describes tillage systems for crops such as corn that help to conserve soil and prevent excessive soil erosion.
Dodder and its control.
Describes the parasite commonly known as dodder, which attacks alfalfa and other hay-like crops; provides methods of controlling and preventing dodder infestations.
Interseeding legumes in corn.
Explains the practice and procedures for interseeding legumes and grasses in wide-row corn.