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Primary view of Using electricity to water your garden.
Arnold, Earl L. (Earl Lee), 1907-
Primary view of Hard red spring and durum wheats : culture and varieties.
Ausemus, E. R. (Elmer Rex), 1895- & Heerman, R. M. (Rubin M.), 1921-
August 1959
Primary view of Sericea in conservation farming.
Bailey, R. Y. (Richmond Young), b. 1893
September 1951
Primary view of The home fruit garden on the northern Great Plains.
Baird, W. P.
January 1950
Primary view of The red harvester ant and how to subdue it.
Barnes, O. L. (Olus L.), 1902- & Nerney, N. J. (Norbert J.), 1906-
Primary view of Wheat production in the eastern United States.
Bayles, B. B. (Burton Bernard), 1900- & Taylor, J. W. (John Walter), 1890-
September 1951
Primary view of Sash Greenhouses.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882
July 1958
Primary view of Muskmelons.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882. & Doolittle, S. P. (Sears Polydore), 1890-1961.
March 1951
Primary view of Growing peanuts.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882.; Poos, F. W. & Higgins, Bascombe Britt, 1887-1968.
May 1954
Primary view of Production of Turnips and Rutabagas.
Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870
February 1958
Primary view of Ginning cotton.
Bennett, Charles A. (Charles Abel), b. 1889
November 1956
Primary view of Beef on the farm : slaughtering, cutting, curing.
Black, W. H. (William Henry), 1888-1949 & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)
Primary view of Cutting for profit in Southern pine woodlands.
Bond, W. E. (Walter Edwin), 1891-
July 1951
Primary view of Russian-Olive for Wildlife and Good Land Use.
Borell, Adrey E.
February 1951
Primary view of Commercial growing and harvesting of sweetpotatoes.
Boswell, Victor R. (Victor Rickman), 1900-
August 1950
Primary view of Growing the Jerusalem Artichoke.
Boswell, Victor R. (Victor Rickman), 1900-
March 1959
Primary view of Insurance for farmers : fire, windstorm, crop-hail, liability and life.
Botts, Ralph R. (Ralph Rudolph), 1906-
June 1950
Primary view of Growing rye.
Briggle, L. W. (Leland Wilson), 1920-
December 1959
Primary view of Selling black walnut timber.
Brush, Warren David, 1881-
April 1959
Primary view of Containers in common use for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Carey, L. C. (Lafayette Charles), 1890-
February 1950
Primary view of The hessian fly and how losses from it can be avoided.
Cartwright, W. B. & Jones, E. T. (Elmer Thomas), 1892-
Primary view of Beef-cattle breeds for beef and for beef and milk.
Clark, R. T. (Richard Turnbull), 1902-1965
March 1958
Primary view of Beef cattle for breeding purposes.
Clark, R. T. (Richard Turnbull), 1902-1965. & Baker, A. L. (Alfred Leroy), 1898-
February 1957
Primary view of Tobacco diseases and their control.
Clayton, Edward E. & McMurtrey, J. E. (James Edward), 1893-
February 1958