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Primary view of Dewberry growing.
Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-
Primary view of Strip cropping for soil conservation.
Kell, Walter V., 1889- & Brown, Grover F., 1905-
July 1938
Primary view of Why red clover fails.
Hollowell, E. A. (Eugene Amos)
June 1938
Primary view of Erosion on roads and adjacent lands.
Davis, Arnold M., 1902-
September 1938
Primary view of Broomcorn growing and handling.
Washburn, R. S. (Raymond Secord), 1887- & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
Primary view of Preventing feed flavors and odors in milk.
Babcock, C. J.
Primary view of Fireproofing Christmas trees.
Leatherman, Martin, 1902-
December 1939
Primary view of Date growing in the United States.
Nixon, Roy W. (Roy Wesley), b. 1895 & Moore, Dewey Chester, 1901-
February 1939
Primary view of The timothy crop.
Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
February 1939
Primary view of Production of parsnips.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882. & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870.
February 1938
Primary view of Production of roselle.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882
December 1937
Primary view of Sheep and goat lice : methods of control and eradication.
Imes, Marion.
Primary view of Cauliflower and heading broccoli production.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882. & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870.
April 1938
Primary view of Den hunting as a means of coyote control.
Young, Stanley Paul, 1889-1969. & Dobyns, Harold W.
October 1937
Primary view of Selecting hens for egg production.
Quinn, Joseph Patrick, 1889-
May 1934
Primary view of Varieties of common white wheat.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888.
October 1933
Primary view of The farm garden.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882. & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870.
Primary view of Game laws for the season 1930-31 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
Earnshaw, Frank L. & Grimes, Frank G.
September 1930
Primary view of Growing sweet corn for the cannery.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882.
Primary view of Collection and preservation of insects for use in the study of agriculture.
Mansuy, Margaret C.
Primary view of Rabbit parasites and diseases.
Schwartz, Benjamin, 1889- & Shook, W. B. (Warren Burnette), 1881-
Primary view of Effective haying equipment and practices for northern Great Plains and inter-mountain regions.
United States. Dept. of Agriculture.
Primary view of Home utilization of muscadine grapes.
Dearing, Charles.
September 1936
Primary view of Principles of dairy-barn ventilation.
Kelley, M. A. R. (Manley Alexander Raymond), 1888-1943.